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PAS, DAP collide over the term ‘God’s Kingdom’

UPDATE: Kit Siang has retracted

Islamist party PAS just gave the evangelical party’s father figure 24 hours to apologize — see below.

In PAS’s political Islam, they have their own understanding of the term ‘Kerajaan Allah’.

Although Kit Siang is not himself a Christian, his son Guan Eng is nonetheless a Born Again and several prominent leaders in the party have drawn critical attention from the Malay establishment for their political Christianity.

DAP supports Christians in Malaysia to use the ‘Allah’ word, and have in the past (2010) claimed that they received Muslim backing for their stand — see below.

“Kingdom of God” and “God’s Kingdom” are common phrases to be found in the Bible.

Kit Siang, however, had apparently used the mixed language term “Allah’s Government” yesterday in a now deleted Facebook entry.

Following the Muslim uproar, Kit Siang has freshly updated his message on Facebook and Twitter using the more innocuous secular (non-religious) phrasing below.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “PAS, DAP collide over the term ‘God’s Kingdom’

  1. retire la emperor lim, after 50 years in politics still kena the same pseudo islamist bait. but emperor where got retire one, we might gotta enjoy the same shit for another 20 years, much longer than the dynasty china longest reign kangxi of 61 years?

  2. Before LKS retire, he has ONE more momentous task to perform in the National Interest of our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat. It is the task of supporting any Party ( or Leader) with the capability to resolve the twin calamity of a major financial crisis and a pandemic crisis which have so far eluded the incumbent authorities ! THIS SHOULD BE LKS GLORIOUS ACT BEFITTING HIS LIFE-LONG CAREER ! Any other act will be incomparable like talking about the religion of others which is none of his business !

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