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DAP veering into PAS’s Islamic lane

Islam diancam Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang (2014 file pix above) has apologized for his ignorance of Islam.

He issued his ‘apology’ from behind the sarung of his Malay political secretary — hiding under the religious cover provided by this loyal Muslim aide who was quoted in yesterday’s Astro Awani news report below.

Rather than his retraction appearing in the timeline of Kit Siang’s own Twitter or FB, the mea culpa was put out (by proxy) by the pol-sec Syahredzan Johan.

Note: If Kit Siang’s statement is directly available online, I’m unable to locate it on his social media. Nonetheless, it’s evidently been made accessible to the press.

Syahredzan stated that he already explained to Kit Siang what Hadi Awang really meant by the term ‘Kerajaan Allah’.

Syahredzan tweeted on his boss‘ behalf: “LKS sedar pemahamamnya ttg apa yang Hadi katakan itu silap. Oleh itu, beliau telah tarik balik dan mohon maaf atas kesilapan pemahamannya itu.”

Or in Kit Siang’s own scripted words: “… saya telah dimaklumkan [oleh setpol] bahawa saya telah silap dalam pemahaman saya …”.

Political Islam vs political Christianity

But why did Kit Siang even want to dispute Hadi Awang on Islamic eschatology to begin with.

After all, Hadi wears serban and jubah, and most importantly, he wears the mantle of an ulama.

And not only does Hadi have a Bachelor degree in Shariah from the Islamic University of Madinah, he also holds a Master degree Siyasah Syar’iyyah from Cairo‘s prestigious Al-Azhar University.

Yet Kit Siang in quibbling with Hadi Awang behaved like he (the non Muslim) is more well versed in Islamic terminology than the PAS president.


PAS has the word ‘Islam’ in its party name. PAS has its Dewan Ulama wing and a Majlis Syura. Its members are called muslimin dan muslimat.

DAP, on the other hand, belongs to the Socialist International. No socialist party ever advocates principles of theocratic rule but DAP Baru has in recent years trespassed on PAS’s religious terrain.

Even Wanita Umno does not try to out-Islam PAS. You cannot say the same for the DAP evangelists though — see Hannah Yeoh in her black tudung litup below.


The file picture above shows Hannah seated at the head of the table eating among a group of Malay Muslims.

Umno’s (now retired) Rafidah Aziz and current House Deputy Speaker Azalina Othman do not wear tudung.

Wanita Umno leaders do not muscle into mosques to do political showboating nor do they haunt the pasar Ramadan to establish Islam-friendly credentials.

Before the pandemic placed restrictions on in-person meetings, Hannah’s Christian colleagues in the Selangor state assembly (the Chinese women in photograph below) would exhibit their public fetish for the tudung.

DAP hoist by their own petard 

Indeed the non-Muslims have been lecturing the Malay parties too, as if they (pro-DAP non Muslims) know Islam much better.

Thus their presumptuous preaching to the Malays of PAS, Umno and Bersatu — a bunch of non Malays instructing others on how pious Muslims should behave this way and not that way, all according to the Quran as interpreted by these Harapan supporters.

It is one of the manifestations of non Muslims brazenly encroaching into the Islamic domain.

If DAP had stayed in the secular lane instead of straying into the realm of political religion, the ‘kerajaan Allah’ controversy need not have exploded.

What just happened was Kit Siang stepped on a religious landmine of his party’s own making, especially the DAP evangelical Christian faction. 


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  1. Can any one here gives us an inkling what the political scenario will be like when Pater & Fil finally disappear from the firmament ? I hazard the guess that it makes no difference even though they think they are the big LKYs of little Malaysia as compared with big Singapore !

  2. It is far too late for the DAP to pretend anything else but chauvinists, brand new christians and oldies. How to save themselves now that they are up the greasy pole of no return ? In the old days, they got away by brandishing freely the alleged good name of LKY. But with the Net since over 10 yers ago, netizens are not afraid to present the truth about icons with feet of clay like LKY. Hence, the double conundrum of Pater et Fil these days with the knowledge that they too are subjected to inevitable change into something jurassic because of the Net. See the climbing number of readers of this distinguished Blog which was once the Cinderella of the cyberspace !. It is good for Pater et Fil to note that ‘there is nothing more constant as change.’ Shakespeare. Or the 36 Steps of Ancient China being the last step. The last step for Pater et Fil in this event is to support any Leader with Plans to resolve both the horrible financial and health crises. Then, they should turn the DAP 180 degrees into The Constitution Party of Malaysia, turning all chauvinists, brand new christians and oldies into constitutionalists !. Akan datang ! Courtesy Shaw Bros. If both Pater et Fil have the courage to do so as suggested, the Constitution Party will last 1,000 years and their names engraved in gold in the history annals of our beloved Malaysia. COURAGE. TO THE STARS. Per ardua. Ad astra.

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