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Reminder to Umno: Tolak DAP, 4evah

So, Muhyiddin now leads a minority government.

Umno has made the right decision in pulling out from the Muhyiddin administration. This move is in fact long overdue.

The other vital thing for Umno to remember is no cooperating with DAP to form any future ruling coalition.

DAP must never be allowed into the federal government ever again.

Umno grassroots will not forgive its court cluster should the party open a side door for the DAP to return to power.

Why reject DAP? There is just too much hate emanating from its two-faced, forked-tongued leaders for ordinary Malaysians to stomach.

Tun Mahathir Lim Kit Siang


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2 thoughts on “Reminder to Umno: Tolak DAP, 4evah

  1. if i am dap, i would choose to support a new govt that shall include pkr umno amanah etc n opt out of any cabinet post, n make a declaration that the support is on the condition that new gov function is mainly to handle the pendemic n to serve the people.

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