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Dapsters think menteri Melayu ‘F’ grade, Cina DAP ministers ‘A+’

Hashtag ‘Kerajaan Gagal’ … government fail.

Saying “government fail” is equivalent to assigning an ’F’ grade to the Malay Muslim coterie in Putrajaya that was formed post-Sheraton in March 2020.

Proponents of the ‘Gagal’ hashtag think a Harapan government would have successfully contained the pandemic where the kerajaan Perikatan Nasional has failed.

Those who support trending hashtag ‘Kerajaan Tumbang’ are convinced that a Harapan cabinet could have done things differently and performed infinitely better, i.e. show the public a high pass grade rather than getting ‘F’ in their handling of the pandemic.

In these critics’ alternative timeline, the ‘Menteri SOP’ would have been a Chinese, Liew Chin Tong, instead of Ismail Sabri (note: Mat Sabu is just window dressing).

Their alternative scenario would see ‘Menteri Vaksin’ as Yeo Bee Yin’s portfolio instead of Khairy’s. Menteri Kesihatan Dr Dzul and his deputy Dr Lee Boon Chye would be in charge instead of Dr Adham Baba.

And to handle the pandemic extraordinary budget would be Harapan (ex) Menteri Kewangan Lim Guan Eng instead of PN’s Tengku Zafrul.

To Dapsters, a government comprising DAP leaders would have succeeded unlike #KerajaanGagal.


The critics of government think Health Minister Adham Baba – whom they nicknamed ‘Menteri Air Suam’ – is bodoh. They think Prime Minister Muhyiddin is similarly bodoh or even more stupid.

They also think Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin is inhumane.

Had Mahathir remained the Harapan PM, he would have been grudgingly tolerated as the crucial enabler of DAP remaining in Putrajaya.

Mahathir in his the previous guise as Umno PM of 22 years was deemed ‘gagal’ by them because they blame Umno for making Malaysia a “failing country” or an outright “failed state”.

While Mahathir was PM Gagal in Round One, he was still acceptable as a PM Berkemungkinan Berjaya so long as it was Harapan that he fronted. In short, Mahathir 2.0 good, Mahathir 1.0 bad.

Mahathir 3.0 can be either good or bad depending on whose side he is on.


Those who think PN is a failed government take aim at Women’s Minister Rina Harun for their favourite target practice, and very early on cyberbullied the low profile Deputy Women’s Minister Siti Zailah.

Siti Zailah closed her Twitter as a result of the mob attack by Harapan supporters.

These same critics, on the other hand, rave about the performance of Harapan (former) Deputy Women’s Minister cum Twitter Queen Hannah Yeoh.

Although Wee Ka Siong is Chinese, he is in the wrong party (MCA) and the wrong cabinet (Muhyiddin’s “backdoor government”).

Dapsters term the present administration  as a “backdoor” one and correspondingly label Wee a “Backdoor Minister”.

Anthony Loke who is in the right party (DAP) and the morally approved cabinet (Harapan) was rated by them an ‘A’ grade (ex) Transport Minister.

Likewise Tan Kok Wai, as the (former) special envoy to China, did a splendid job in their view. To them, Hadi Awang as the present special envoy to the Middle East is, on the contrary, doing a lousy job.

Other PAS federal ministers such as Khairuddin, Takiyuddin and Tuan Ibrahim are mercilessly mocked by the Dapsters.

This attitude of the Dapsters can be extrapolated to assess any top office holder. And the more Cina DAP there are in the government, the more successful such a government will be rated by them.

It is therefore no surprise that the present government with its current racial composition is rated ‘kerajaan gagal’.


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  1. i stay home for six months already and no sight this will change in the next 6, what shall u name it if this is not a failed malay muslim govt under a stupid pm?

  2. bukan selama ni 99 percent Cina Malaysia anggap orng Melayu gred F ka kak helen?

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