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And DAP’s choice of new PM is?

DAP sec-gen @guanenglim tweeted yesterday: “Malaysia A Failed State and Mahiaddin Md Yasin Must Resign” — see below.

Guan Eng accused the Muhyiddin government of failure “in dealing with the triple crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recession, & chronic political instability”.

Using the hashtag #KerajaanGagal, Guan Eng called on the PM “to witness Malaysia spiralling down to a failed state”, and tweeting “Mahiaddin Md Yassin is a failure and must resign!”

So who does the DAP want to lead the country in saving M’sia from ‘failed state’ status?

Urm … Anwar? Shafie Apdal? Rafizi? Nurul? The nonagenarian again?


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2 thoughts on “And DAP’s choice of new PM is?

  1. i think both razaleigh and anwar is fine. or whoever as long as not this stupid pm n hadi the liar.

  2. haiya… sudah 97 tahun hidup sudah 2 kali jadi PM masih tak sihat masih tak bahagia ka guan eng??? tapi sejak itu sheraton move… dah nampak anwar pun sudah rasa itu DAP dan PAN sudah khianat sama dia… hahahahahhaha

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