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DAP’s ‘failed state’ rhetoric is scorched earth destructive

For aeons Lim Kit Siang has slapped the label ‘failed state’ on our country, insisting that we’re on the verge of becoming one.

Now his son Lim Guan Eng has explicitly joined the bandwagon, and similarly declared that “Malaysia [is] spiralling down to a failed state”.

DAP, however, has nothing fresh to offer as a solution to reversing this alleged ‘fail’ except putting forward Anwar or perhaps Mahathir again.

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DAP’s hate politics will have consequences

What they do – pulling all the stops – not only has negative consequences on the Malay establishment but also results in the inevitable blowback to the Chinese community.

DAP viciously attacked Sleepy Dollah, ‘ Naji* ‘ (nasty nickname given to Najib by Dapsters) and now they’re attacking “Mahiaddin”.

The attack on Pak Lah cost BN its two-thirds parliamentary majority in 2008. The attacks on Najib in 2013 (Altantuya issue) cost BN its popular vote, and in 2018 (1MDB issue) cost BN Putrajaya.

DAP’s three consecutive strikes in GE12, GE13 and GE14 got them the federal government. Then Newton’s Law took effect — ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. 

The opposite reaction was the Sheraton Move that installed a Malay government to replace Harapan’s more multiracial setup.


Like Guan Eng, Umno president Zahid Hamidi has also called for Muhyiddin’s resignation.

The battle between Umno and Bersatu to be the sole tiger on the hill is nonetheless a different thing.

Muhyiddin is leading a Malay government. Umno may be challenging his administration but Umno is not anti Malay.

DAP is however unable to shake off its anti-Malay, anti-Islam reputation. Witness the explosion of Muslim rage against Kit Siang only a few days ago.

Also, the fight between Umno and Bersatu is internecine warfare — Malay vs Malay, Muslim vs Muslim.

DAP, on the other hand, is perceived as a Chinese party dominated by Christians.

The behaviour of DAP and its supporters against PM Abdullah Badawi was ugly.

The behaviour of DAP and its supporters against PM Najib was even uglier.

The behaviour of DAP and its supporters against PM Muhyiddin will be the ugliest yet. Even the man’s cancer condition has not been spared their mockery.

Umno Malays do slam Muhyiddin too but they do not attack people in the same red-in-tooth-and-claw way that Cina DAP characteristically attack their opponents.

Najib zebra shirt

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DAP plays politics like a bloodsport

Umno Malays may be unhappy with the present government but they do not think of Malaysia as a failed state.

Look at it this way: Malays are in the army. Soldiers must be prepared at any moment to die for their country.

Will an anggota tentera Melayu be willing to die for a country that is a failed state? Malay soldiers lay down their lives for the beloved tanahair. Malaysia is negara tercinta, not “failed state”.

Chinese are not in the army. And now DAP is telling the community that (as per Guan Eng’s words on July 9) “Malaysia is increasingly seen internationally as a failed state.”

The opposition has branded PN a “kerajaan gagal”. DAP is taking it one step further with their negative branding of the country which goes beyond just black propaganda against the Muhyiddin government.

How will the DAP’s 95 percent Chinese base feel about a country that is deemed by their Dear Leaders as close to being a “failed state”?

Cina DAP may live in an ethnic silo but their political agitation does not happen in a vacuum. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.


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  1. I am a retired Police Officer,almost 70yrs old.If the need arises,I am willing to serve my country again and offer my body and soul for my beloved country,BUT NOT FOR DAP!!!!!

    1. take a good rest n enjoy yr retirement, nobody want yr soul n body, they only want yr vote.

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