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Indians being attacked in South African riots

There have been riots for a week now in South Africa.

Dozens have died in the violence and stampedes.

In Kwazulu Natal as well as the city of Johannesburg, Indian businesses are being ransacked by looters and people of Indian origin attacked by the locals (Zulu).

The Indian diaspora has been the target of rioters elsewhere in the past. In 1982 after a failed coup to oust the president, locals reacted by looting Indian-owned businesses in Kenya.

Going further back in history on 26 May 1930, and in July to August 1938, anti-Indian riots erupted in Rangoon, Burma which left hundreds killed and thousands injured.

In 1962 following a military coup, Indians were expelled from Burma by General Ne Win. Between 1963 and 1970, some 155,000 persons of Indian origin returned to India — the aftermath of their exodus from Burma.

In August 1972, General Idi Amin ordered Indians to be expelled from Uganda. He had seized power a year earlier.

Some 90,000 Uganda Indians quickly left the country. The ones who were British passport holders – around 50,000 of them – went to the UK while others emigrated to Canada.

Between 1962 and 1979, a total of 100,000 Indians left Kenya after the country tightened its immigration and citizenship laws in the wake of independence in 1963.

In Tanzania in 1967, President Julius Nyerere nationalized private companies — a move that impacted the country’s Indians. The Acquisition of Buildings Act 1971 soon prompted over 40,000 Indians to leave Tanzania shortly after.


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  1. is looting kind of genetic personality traits? seeing what happened in usa and africa, seem very likely. jackic chan said chinese need to be controlled, cited chaos in hk n taiwan vs ccpland n spore, i believe this is sort of chinese trait and jackie is not wrong. while in msia some feel pride of their mengamok past and warn others about this from time to time, as if we dont know they have such genetic trait. thus we gotta believe that race was borned with difference trait and characteristic, and therefore education should stress more on the distinct of race, trait, characteristic, culture, king, commoner, native, foreigner etc so that we can understand each other better.

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