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Now the double-masked DG tells us

Health Ministry Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said 98 percent of new Covid cases were either asymptomatic or showed only minor symptoms.

The DG – who is double masked as well as wearing a face shield all three at the same time – told the public this in his Facebook entry today (see below).

He had also said earlier that “with vaccines you have some immunity to the virus” and once vaccinated will suffer less severe symptoms if infected.

According to data recently featured by blogger Dah Ikhwan, the federal territories have the most number of vaccinated residents — see table below copied from


Kuala Lumpur is the best performing among all the states with 65 percent of its adult population having already received the vaccine.

The rate of vaccination in the other two FTs, i.e. Putrajaya and Labuan, also outpaced the rest of the country at 40 percent and 37 percent respectively.

By contrast, the Harapan-ruled Selangor had managed to get merely 17 percent of its people vaccinated so far.

Selangor is clearly less competent in its vaccine rollout compared to the federal government which administers KL, Putrajaya and Labuan.

BELOW: Dr Noor Hisham’s words cannot be heard clearly when he is muffled behind two masks and his transparent face shield


Selangor (16.8%) is also lagging behind in its rate of vaccination when compared to Malaysia’s biggest state Sarawak (42.5%) and smallest state Perlis (27.2%).

Selangor’s incompetent Harapan government has ruled my home state for three consecutive terms, totalling altogether 13+ years or 160 months in office. Yet this 160-month Selangor government is less capable than the federal government which has been in Putrajaya 16-and-a-half months.

Harapan deserves hashtag # Kerajaan Gagal in its slow delivery of vaccines at state level.

Selangor’s sluggish 15 DAP Aduns and 19 PKR Aduns who make up the state government collectively rate a ‘G’ or Gagal grade.

In fact, the Selangor government is so desultory that our Sultan felt compelled to keluarkan titah just a few days ago telling his state political leadership to hurry up — see Astro Awani report below.

Two percent Covid cases more serious

Covid in Malaysia is concentrated in the Klang Valley and its exurbs.

Selangor, together with Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan, account for close to 70 percent of the coronavirus cases.

Covid numbers in the other states are much lower.

Blogger Dah Ikhwan says “we are only less than two months behind” Singapore, and anticipates that roughly half of adult Malaysians would be fully vaccinated as early as the end of August.

Thus the blogger suggests that Malaysia should adopt the Singapore approach of no longer publicly reporting the number of Covid cases daily but instead focus on informing about the hospital cases specifically and number of patients in the ICU.

This is the most sensible approach which our southern neighbour and many other industrialized countries would be adopting, suggests Dah Ikhwan.

The blogger believes too that by the end of the year, Malaysia would have vaccinated 80 percent of our country’s population — making us at par with the progress in Singapore.


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