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Where ‘Diversity’ went up in a mushroom cloud

Ethnic ‘diversity’ is the snake oil that DAP is selling. And nowhere is it more racially diverse than in South Africa.

They’ve got the infamous white minority of around eight percent of the population, a smaller successful Indian minority, the mixed races as well as the country’s majority blacks.

The blacks are furthermore very diverse — some major tribes we may have heard of before like Zulu and Xhosa, and many, many others we’re likely never to have come across such as Ndebele, Swazi,  Sotho, Shangaan-Tsonga, Venda etc, etc.

Post apartheid, South Africa billed itself the Rainbow  Nation.

BELOW: Ernst Roets (wearing specs) interviewed by Tucker Carlson

The South African Experiment — success or failure?

Ernst Roets is an Afrikaner who just appeared on the Fox TV channel — video above. An Afrikaner is a descendent of the Dutch settlers who founded Cape Town in the 1650s.

Ernst spoke about the South African Project introduced in the 1990s. (Note: Nelson Mandela was South Africa’s first black president from 1994 to 1999.)

The project was their prototype version of the DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia.

Following South Africa‘s historic regime change, the newly anti-racism country was going to forge a fresh identity — “an artificial, statist identity”, said Roets; one that was to be “superimposed” on the various races already with their existing different languages and different cultures.

Explainer: ‘Statism’ refers to extensively concentrating economic, political, social and other related controls in the hands of the state.

Pointing to a quote ‘For the nation to prosper, the tribe must die’, Roets explained: “And what that effectively means is for South African Project to prosper, these natural identities that people have should be suppressed”.

BEL0W: The keturunan ‘Anak Malaysia’ template courtesy of Hannah Yeoh


I (pretend) to suppress, I make you follow me and suppress too

Pertaining to the DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia Project, the party ideologues posture as if they have suppressed their natural identities.

Hence Kit Siang’s claim to be “Malaysian First”, Guan Eng’s self-proclamation that he is not a Chinese, and Hannah’s insistence that her children are not Indian but keturunan “Anak Malaysia”.

If the DAP ever succeeds in browbeating Malaysians into accepting their project, then you will see our fellow citizens:
(1) browbeaten into acquiescing that they’re all Malaysian First … “no Chinese, no Indians, no Malays”,
(2) Malays prodded to declare “Saya bukan Melayu” ala the Guan Eng charade, and
(3) Malay children similarly boxed into a new ‘keturunan Anak Malaysia’ category – blueprinted by Hannah – and thus subtly losing their Article 153 “special position” birthright.

You decide whether the DAP are sneaky bastards or not.


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