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“Mereka yang kerjanya mencari kesalahan dan kelemahan sahaja” — Hadi

Hadi Awang discussed our ideal balance of priorities in managing the pandemic and reminded the ummah about looking into the Islamic long term and bigger picture.

His sermon to the Muslim pious four days ago was reported in Malaysiakini and drew 128 reader comments — see screengrab below.


The PAS president also said those whose only work is to find blame and look for weaknesses will always pick on the Covid SOPs laid out by the government.

His words must have touched a raw nerve to trigger the quick avalanche of reader responses — which were so nasty that Malaysiakini soon disabled its commenting feature on the article.

The 128 comments by the portal’s (mostly) non-Muslim subscribers can no longer be viewed on the page either.

Hadi’s opinion that “mereka yang kerjanya mencari kesalahan dan kelemahan sahaja” will never cease questioning or condemning this-and-that is a manifest symptom of the DAP’s toxicity.

And on cue, Kit Siang predictably inserted himself into the debate today – repeating “kerajaan gagal” – while slyly trying to get DAP back into the government(see above).

The Voice of DAP again cast doubt on the Muhyiddin administration’s handling of the vaccination drive.

As if his party can do a better job in rolling out the vaccine.

Like I’ve mentioned previously, the Federal Territories – which is directly under the control of Muhyiddin’s central government – has been much speedier in vaccinating more of its people than the inept Harapan state government of Selangor.


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  1. is selangor vs kl / putrajaya a fair comparison? i am pretty sure the urban selangorian vaccinated rate is as high as kl, and hadi as usual trick to halal lies and incompetent dont make the pm any smarter, still remain a stupid one not picked by msian.

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