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Syed Saddiq: Picture gallery retrospect

Yesterday was one of the most satisfying schadenfreude days of 2021. Breaking news: Syed Saddiq to be charged by MACC.

Reproduced here are some of the photos, posters and cartoons of the Bathtub Boy that have previously appeared in this blog.

They’re in random order chronologically.

Under my blog entry of 1 March 2019 titled ‘Syed Saddiq, the LMAO-est minister in cabinet history’ is the pink dancing cartoon below.

In the real-life dancing pix, Saddiq looks to be the only thorn (duri dalam daging) among all the roses.



The animated lion gif captioned “Oh, the drama” appeared in my blog on 18 Feb 2019 when Syed-the-poseur-Saddiq was acting as if he had been victimized by Papagomo.


Saddiq the drama queen (below) appeared in my blog on 23 March 2019 — photo montage courtesy of blogger Cucu Tok Selampit.

P. Ramlee in the film Madu Tiga was faking his facial injuries for effect. Did Saddiq’s own dramatic plasters manage to stay in the same spots on his face the next day?


On 7 April 2019, I wrote an original ditty about Saddiq:

Behold Boy Wonder the youngest Harapan minister,

the one with that easily injured “soft tissue” shoulder,

rattling his light sabre to defend Beloved Tun the Master.

On 27 Dec 2019, I said Hannah Yeoh (below) was Mahathir’s No.2 greatest fan. The No.1 honours belonged to Saddiq.

DAP’s most assiduous arselickers

The picture below of Saddiq scampering over a fence to rush away appeared in my blog on 11 July 2020 under the title ‘My third most favourite group photo, haw haw haw’.

On 24 Sept 2020, I said that all Saddiq had to do was memorize and regurgitate the Mandarin phrase ‘我们都是一家人 or its pinyin script “Wo men dou shi yi jia ren’ as a crumb to throw the Dapsters and he’d have them eating out of his palm.


On 16 Dec 2020, I did a Cats’ Reaction blog post featuring Simba making sepet eyes at Dapsters gullibility in anointing Saddiq their new Malay idol. My blog entry was titled ‘111 lulz’.

And now I’m ROTF laughing at the Dapsters once again for still clinging to their idea that Syed Saddiq is the best thing to happen in Malaysian Baru since sliced bread.


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