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Dapsters pitchfork Zaid Ibrahim, genuflect to Syed Saddiq

Discerning Malays dislike Syed Saddiq but Cina DAP love him.

Tengku Mahkota Johor’s “drama queen” snark at Saddiq this morning has gotten 38,000 ‘likes’ so far in the Instagram of Malay-language mStar — see below.

Incidentally, I too said yesterday that Saddiq is such a drama queen.

One of the reasons Harapan supporters are enthused about Saddiq is because they think he believes in diversity, and they also embrace his incipient party Muda being open to all races.

Unlike the discerning Malays who thumbed up TMJ for throwing shade at Saddiq, the Cina DAP fan base evidently lack a similar discernment.

Muda vs Kita

Some years ago, Zaid Ibrahim founded a multiracial party called KITA which unfortunately failed to get traction.

In contrast, the Chinese are giving a positive reception for Saddiq’s planned Muda — a wannabe youth party on which they’re deludedly pinning their hopes and children’s future.

Let’s see why Dapsters are hoisting Saddiq on their shoulders when they’d earlier thrown sticks and stones at Zaid.

angry mob


Both are former cabinet ministers: Saddiq was a Youth Minister while Zaid was the de facto Law Minister.

Saddiq had never held a real job before his Atok suddenly propelled him into the political stratosphere like a shooting star.

Zaid, on the other hand, had owned a private business (legal firm) and knew how to run a big company.

Saddiq became an MP at the age of 25-and-a-half years old, and very quickly became a moneyed young man.

Zaid entered parliament when he was a 53-year-old seasoned professional and one who had already made his pile.

Saddiq did not want to leave his cushy ministerial job last year while Zaid had voluntarily resigned in 2008 on a matter of principle.

Looking at the BN’s Kluster Menteri – who have all refused to vacate their cabinet posts despite the Umno president and deputy president articulating that they should do so if they placed party above self – then Zaid’s willingness to walk away from his Pak Menteri status is really a big deal.

It is even more admirable when we see today how desperate the Harapan ex-ministers are to return to power, and fighting fang and claw to regain their exalted positions.

Saddiq is still something of a heartthrob to teenage girls and has appeared on the covers of glossy magazines.

Zaid is a policy wonk who looks seriously into issues of legislation and bureaucratic red tape.

Cina DAP who prefer the Saddiq brand (they’re crowdfunding him some more now) obviously opt to be spoonfed the Bangsa Malaysia kool aid.

Saddiq is a chameleon who was one day critical of Zakir Naik and the next day chummy cosy with the preacher over a home-served meal.

Cina DAP imagine themselves to be a secular-minded flock. They believe that Saddiq as their potential future PM will be able to deliver the goods (i.e. secularism).

They’re presently putting their faith in Saddiq like they’d put their faith in his beloved Atok only a few years ago. ‘Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result’ is typical Dapster.

Contrary to Saddiq, Zaid has been consistent in saying the theocratic state needs to be rolled back.

He publicly chided that Jakim should have better and more useful things to do than keep telling Malays they’re not permitted to keep dogs as pets — see Malaysiakini video clip below.

Zaid also queried how Jakim is spending the department’s one billion ringgit annual budget.

Clearly Zaid is a progressive thinker who’s not afraid to voice contrarian opinions.

What is Saddiq? An opportunistic demagogue.

With his prodigious gift of the gab, Saddiq is adept at telling his audience exactly what they want to hear. That the audience are listening is an indication of the quality of the crowd he draws.

An example of Saddiq’s demagoguery was when sicced his dogs (speaking metaphorically of course) on Waythamoorthy — see NST 22 Dec 2018 news report below.


Saddiq has got the strong backing of DAP evangelists like Steven Sim and Hannah Yeoh.

Saddiq is nonetheless less kamcheng with DAP old guard such as Ronnie Liu.

Saddiq’s staunchest supporters are the DAP Christian faction, it would seem.

Zaid, unsurprisingly, is no longer a DAP member. Unlike the evangelists in his former party who had only negative things to say about Ronnie Liu, Zaid actually stood up for Ronnie when the latter was under attack from DAP Christian leaders.

Zaid pointed out that as an Adun, Ronnie served a Selangor state constituency that is a Malay-majority area with only 28 percent Chinese voters.

It is therefore rather rich of the DAP’s New Malaysia ideologues, who had themselves secured their seats through the party’s Cina totok electorate, to be bashing Ronnie as not being multicultural enough (they labeled him a “Chinese chauvinist”).

But never mind all the futile comparisons above. A pipsqueak like Saddiq is supported by Cina DAP while Zaid is not.

It says all there is to say about the 95 percent sheeple grazing in the DAP pen.



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