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Cina Malaysia Olympic champions

Soaked in nostalgia and suffused with cabin fever, Sinchew editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang launched into a mega whinge a few days ago.

The Chinese in Malaysia are world beaters in whinging. Still it comes as a mild surprise to hear a veteran newsman (pix below) indulging in such an epic whine.

You’d expect someone of his vast job experience and political exposure to sound more measured.


In his Wednesday (July 21) op-ed headlined ‘Enough is enough!’ Kuik railed at the establishment, saying most intemperately:

“Politicians who have fooled the nation for the past so many decades are still stubbornly clinging on to power, robbing us of our remaining hope for this country’s future”.

So what is the Chinese political solution, pray tell?

Well, Kuik said to his (Chinese) Sinchew readers they must never lose Hope nonetheless.

The question is, who is out there that the 95 percent of his likeminded brethren can pin their big fat Harapan on?

Kuik is able to finger bad (Malay) politicians aplenty but quite unable to name the good (Malay) ones they would want as the Chinese saviour.

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Kuik then went on a tirade against “politicians who have secretly sent their children or grandchildren to international schools or overseas”. He said these politikus are being hypocrites.

Kuik venting against critics of vernacular school is in effect aiming at the nationalist politicians traditionally from Umno, PAS and more recently Bersatu — the troika of Malay parties.

So Malay politicians in the ruling parties are the bad guys because they’re anti Sekolah Cina. Kuik stops short of naming his good guys. Teo Nie Ching (pix below), perhaps ?


Cina DAP, Chinese media equally gullible

In his op-ed, Kuik also whinged about YBs not helping their constituents during this pandemic lockdown and highlighting the matter of Food Baskets in particular.

His job sector – the media – is gullibly manufacturing ‘heroes’ out of the publicity-seeking politicians (Saddiq, Hannah Yeoh) toting their food bank.

Moving on to the more hopeful topic of young Malaysians, Kuik wrote that they “do not look at things from the perspectives of race or religion, but specifically at the performance of the government or certain ministers, and have voiced up over the many injustices of our society as well”.

Or so goes the Chinese wishful thinking.

Kuik continued: “It’s the shameless politicians who have thrown us all into the quagmire of hate that are still plotting the same old dirty tricks to steal our votes, thinking that young voters are just a bunch of fools they can easily manipulate and exploit”.

And there they go again — blaming Malay politicians merely without giving any thought to their (i.e. the Chinese electorate’s) own shortcomings and failures.

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Banking on a recycled Bersatu politician

Just look at how the Chinese are behaving at present.

Syed Saddiq has successfully collected close to three quarters of a million ringgit in 24 hours crowdfunding (see news report below).

Harapan supporters – the bulk of whom are Chinese – proudly announced that they donated generously to Saddiq.

This mirrors the one million ringgit in public donations – from mostly the Chinese – made to opposition activist Haris Ibrahim to fund his ABU (Asalkan Bukan Umno) campaign in the run-up to GE13.

Chinese voters are prepared to throw their money at individuals like Haris and Saddiq whom they think can help them topple the Malay establishment.

The CBT indictment against Saddiq is no moral barrier to their cheering him on. Cina DAP don’t believe Saddiq’s corruption charges anyway.

Whereas Umno leaders charged with corruption are viewed by the Chinese public as guilty until proven innocent in court.

And even if the court ultimately lets them off – case in point, Ku Nan – some (actually many) Chinese still view any Umno person as corrupt. To the Chinese, Umno is tainted with original sin, you see.

Guan Eng and Syed Saddiq too have been charged with corruption. But even if the fan favourite duo are eventually found guilty, that’s okay because the Chinese will never accept such a verdict.

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Saddiq will be quite at home in the DAP

In the last leg of his tilt at the old order, the Sinchew boss wrote: “Do we still want those senile, directionless and worthless politicians who have no clear visions for this country except for their own gains, to continue leading this country?”

The thinking of Sinchew editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang in blaming politicians is no different from that of the typical Cina DAP.

They fail to understand that Malay politicians come and go — ancient Mahathir may finally make his exit; his protege and young clone Saddiq enters through the revolving door. Any difference? Nope!

Only delusional Chinese voters continue to deceive themselves lurching hopefully from one Malay messiah that they’ve anointed to another to another.

Meanwhile the deep structure of Malaysia’s ethno state is unchanging and cannot be Ubah-ed by the DAP’s mightiest effort even if the Chinese mount figureheads like Mahathir (in 2018) or any other Malay / mamak opportunist in GE15.

Kuik concluded his rant by echoing the Kit Siang-DAP slogan ‘enough’ punctuated with an exclamation mark: “Retire them now! Enough is enough!”

There us little to distinguish Kuik Cheng Kang and his influential Sinchew from their Chinese readership clutching at straws.

Since Muda is not going to be registered, Sinchew might as well encourage Saddiq to join DAP and be done.



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