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Don’t let Unity Govt ruse be DAP’s side door back inside

The Chinese have been desperately promoting the idea of a ‘unity government’ as their desperado DAP leaders try to claw back federal power.

DAP people, however, are contrary to the mainstream in most matters of public debate. On many polarized issues, they’re invariably on the opposite side to the Malay establishment.

The idea of having any ‘unity’ – or the different races taking a unified stand in our country’s national interest – is not realistic.

One example of disunity is the opposition’s cacing kepanasan posturing on PATI.

The other side has accused the government of being “cruel” and “inhumane” for issuing its warning (see NTF poster below) “Migran etnik Rohingya kedatangan anda tidak diundang”.

DAP most pro-Rohingya political party today

The Rohingya – akin to that underaged Malacca girl in the Rahim Thamby Chik case – are being used by the opposition to bludgeon the Malay powers-that-be.

Last month, DAP political education director Liew Chin Tong exhorted Malaysians to “be kinder to Rohingya”.

This month, the DAP’s Penang evangelical MP Steven Sim emerged as the new Christian champion of the Rohingya — see his tweet below.

NTF posters draw flak from opposition

Purporting to be PATI defenders, Harapan ideologues slap the labels “racist” and “xenophobic” on the Malay security apparatus as well as ordinary Malays who support immigration enforcement operations by our uniformed services’.

The National Task Force is led by the armed forces working together with police and marine police.

NTF also comprises personnel from Immigration, Customs, Border Security Agency, Civil Defense Agency, National Anti-Drugs Agency, Maritime Enforcement Agency, RELA and others.

Its two posters – see top of this page and the one below cautioning that undocumented migrants are a threat to national security – have been condemned by the opposition as “inhumane” portrayals of a vulnerable group.

In actuality, many opposition supporters simply oppose everything the government does, including the actions taken by NTF.

Heidy Quah: “We are all humans. Stop attacking, damn it”

They smear M’sians as ‘cruel’ and ‘inhumane’

There is that refugee rights activist Michelle Liu. She famously alleged “there are Malaysians who actually believe that Rohingya are like dogs”.

Her letter to the Malaysiakini editor is titled ‘Rohingyas are human too’.

Heidy Quah (below) is another sainted ‘angel’ who has a shining halo crowned over her head by the Chinese fan base.

Heidy, a born again Christian, is a DAP member.

Like the DAP’s all-of-party backing for Syed Saddiq, the party is likewise in full solidarity (see @hannahyeoh tweet below) with Heidy Quah.

This week, Heidy was charged in the Sessions Court under Section 233(1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, and is currently out on bail.

Her charge sheet said she made an offensive Facebook entry with intent to insult others on 5 June 2020.

BELOW: Heidy whinged about being at the receiving end of hate speech in social media 

Heidy’s court indictment likely stemmed from a police report made against her by the Immigration Department.

Back in June last year, Heidy caused a controversy when she alleged that a PATI who had just delivered her baby was handcuffed to the table.

I had blogged on 10 June 2020:

“Ketua pengarah jabatan [imigresen] Khairul Dzaimee Daud hairan bagaimana Heidy boleh mendakwa siap bercakap dengan tahanan di bilik melalui dinding plastik pada 5 Jun lalu sedangkan tiada pelawat dibenarkan memasuki kawasan depot imigresen sepanjang tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan.”

DAP pays copious lip service to the ‘national unity’ feel-good because they see a supposed ‘unity government’ as their return path to Putrajaya.

But unity is an illusionary device when their side thinks of the pro-establishment side as racist, xenophobic, cruel and inhumane while also viewing the administration as “kerajaan gagal” and our country as a failing or already “failed state”.

If they believe that the majority are gagal, gagal, gagal in everything, then what can there ever be to bridge the chasm?


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5 thoughts on “Don’t let Unity Govt ruse be DAP’s side door back inside

  1. All those Chinese DAP members are from the same small Lao clan of China. The records of this clan are well-known. With the money based Power of the income-tax free RM 2 incorporated companies of worship, the newly born made in tropical Malaysia Christians are finally making their moves to DIVIDE AND RULE THE MALAYS with their income-tax free money garnered from their meek and mild flock. The old Chinese chauvinists must really regret the entry of these ‘pretenders’ into the LKY founded DAP who are only exploiting fertile political ground and the leverage of the DAP as a platform /tool to succeed. It is time the 95% Chinese who supported these ‘pretenders’ in the 14th GE, abstain 100% from supporting the DAP now on the point of total control of the DAP Leadership. What have the Rohingyas and the 99% of the Malaysian Chinese got in common ?

  2. I pledge that if the DAP changes its name to “CONSTITUTION ACTION PARTY” and truly reflects its morphing political Leadership from LKY and Singapore biased to the ideals of an indigenous political party by dropping the superfluous “Malaysia for Malaysians” slogan concocted by LKY in 1964, I will certainly join CAP as a Life member !
    To all DAPs the old and the very new. COURAGE. TO THE STARS. Per ardua. Ad astra. Or ‘Who dares. Win.
    In other words, if it’s a spade, call it a spade. Be honest and not deceitful.

    1. Heidy said a nursing mother was handcuffed to the table at the detention centre. That’s a serious charge of inhumane treatment.

      She’s pleaded Not Guilty so let’s wait and see if she can prove her allegation in court or whether Immigration will refute with proof of visitor’s log on the supposed date of incident.

  3. For the DAP, it’s slogan from 1966-2017 was the LKY concocted “Malaysia for Malaysians”.. All salaamed him without reading and understanding the Constitution ! Now the DAP slogan is “Unity Government”. Don’t these DAP fellows read and understand the revered Constitution ? This is the political bible of Malaysia ! (Oxford Dictionary definition of “bible” = an authoritative book.). The brand new DAP christians must regret those de’ja’ vu days with TDM !

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