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Kabul attack — the other side of the story

Thirteen American soldiers (11 marines, 1 navy, 1 army) were killed when a bomb went off outside Kabul airport a few days ago.

Another 18 members of the USA military were injured.

That’s the view from western lens of the recent carnage. From the opposite perspective, close to 170 Afghans were also killed.

Vitally, an Isis bomber killed himself in the process. Continue reading “Kabul attack — the other side of the story”

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The Cina DAP way of thinking

Kit Siang suggests that Harapan chief Anwar should be appointed to a new ‘war cabinet’ as its DPM — see his tweet below.

Other Chinese voices have also been eagerly floating the idea for a unity government. Continue reading “The Cina DAP way of thinking”

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Malays really really don’t trust DAP

Is there anything that The Decepticons will not do?

They trigger the Chinese by exploiting community sentiments over pandemic-related tragic deaths and suicides.

They’ve been cynically manipulative of Chinese emotions through the ‘white flag’ hashtag. They prey on people’s misery for their political capital.

Now we get this expose from Sin Chew. Continue reading “Malays really really don’t trust DAP”

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When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?

The PAS president gave two latest sermons.

In the one yesterday Hadi Awang said, “PAS, Umno dan Bersatu yang merupakan tiga parti teras Melayu-Islam dan bumiputera perlu disatukan”.

Supaya acuan Islam boleh diperkenalkan dengan lebih berkesan.

Juga untuk menyingkirkan langkah negatif yang diambil oleh kalangan “kumpulan bukan Islam yang ekstrem”, kata Hadi. Continue reading “When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?”

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Dysfunctional USA

This is a short postscript to my earlier blog entry titled ’Biden’s America is a dysfunctional country’.

Three days ago, I knocked The Washington Post as dysfunctional for trumpeting a headline that claimed ‘Simone Biles won the Tokyo Olympics’.

Their American gymnast – whose net worth is estimated to be ten million USD – had secured an individual bronze medal.

The real winner of the Tokyo Olympics is Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah (pix, middle), in my humble opinion. Continue reading “Dysfunctional USA”

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Indian vigilantes charged with killing black looters (S. Africa)

Three Indians face murder charges for the Phoenix killings during the South Africa riots last month (9 – 17 July).

Phoenix is a mainly Indian town 25km northwest of Durban city in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Black looters had targeted Indian-owned businesses during the riots. Continue reading “Indian vigilantes charged with killing black looters (S. Africa)”