3 thoughts on “Anwar gathering his MPs is like trying to herd cats

  1. herd cats is still better than the useless malay muslim govt under a stupid pm that kill 9k msian n still counting.

    1. People are being killed by the Wuhan virus lah. It’s happening everywhere, not just in M’sia.

      1. hehe, of course we all know ccp wuhanvirus kill, but mine is merely the antithesis of remarks from the stupid pm pasted below (save vs kill, wuhanvirus vs medicine, stupid pm vs stupid pm) :

        “Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the government is spending a lot to combat the Covid-19 pandemic because it is important to save lives and the national economy.
        The prime minister said the pandemic was very challenging because it posed a threat to people’s lives and battered the economy, forcing the government to spend huge amounts of money to buy medicines, ensure enough hospital beds and increase the number of doctors and nurses.”

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