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Indian vigilantes charged with killing black looters (S. Africa)

Three Indians face murder charges for the Phoenix killings during the South Africa riots last month (9 – 17 July).

Phoenix is a mainly Indian town 25km northwest of Durban city in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Black looters had targeted Indian-owned businesses during the riots.

BELOW: Indian shops ransacked in Durban during the recent riots 

Indian residents in Phoenix had armed themselves to guard their neighbourhood against the out-of-town invaders.

There was shooting by both sides.

Dylan Govender, 29, Ned Govender, 30, and Jeetendra Jaikissoon, 39, have been remanded on the murder charges and can apply for bail tomorrow.

Meanwhile Seelan Chetty, 24, and Owen Chinnasamy, 23, were both charged with attempted murder and can apply for bail on Wednesday.

Vernon Philip Govender, 21, was charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm; Brenton Callen Shunmogam, 25, was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, reported Times Live in its July 30 article headlined ‘Identities of accused in Phoenix murders revealed in court’.

Some two dozen people have been confirmed killed in Phoenix with scores of others injured.

Unidentified charred bodies are still being recovered.

ABOVE: On the ground coverage by South African Broadcasting Corporation, the country’s public broadcaster

The blacks have retaliated for what they label the ‘Phoenix massacre’ by calling for the death of Indians.

Activists from ANC (Nelson Mandela’s party) and EFF (radical party calling for the killing of white farmers) have been fingered for inciting violence against the Indians.

EFF is South Africa’s third largest party in parliament.

Former EFF deputy chairman Jackie Shandu led the crowd outside the Durban City Hall last week in chanting “one settler one bullet, one Indian one bullet” — viral video clip embedded in the tweet above.

Meanwhile, South Africa governing party ANC will take disciplinary action against its Youth leader Sizophila Mkhize for her inflammatory aand racist remarks against Indians over the Phoenix killings — see report below.


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