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Consequences of Chinese and their anti-establishment attitude

The way to think about it is to keep in mind Newton’s Law of Motion — ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Chinese in Malaysia are behaving as if oblivious of any potential reaction to their strong political actions.

DAP is at the forefront of the #kerajaanGagal campaign, which means its Chinese followers are the most aggressive in attacking the Muhyiddin administration and condemning the Malay infrastructure serving Putrajaya — i.e. police, the vast bureaucracy, and other apparatus of state.

You can see and even feel the palpable hate wave radiating at this very moment of heightened political tensions.

Currently, the nozzle of Chinese ‘anti’ energy is directed at the PM, his Malay party Bersatu and their Bumiputera ruling coalition which has a total of only three Chinese MPs out of Perikatan’s 111-odd parliamentary majority.

(I have no idea of the actual number of MPs supporting Muhyiddin but let’s take the simple majority of 111 — Note: two parliament seats are presently vacant following the death of their elected reps – and then we add a plus symbol to the 111+ baseline figure.)

Cina DAP have been attacking Umno too and don’t know how to get out of the mental habit cultivated since time immemorial.

Also, Cina DAP are reflexively attacking everyone and everything PAS, egged on by their evangelical thought leaders.

To roll call, Cina DAP are hating on Muhyiddin, Ismail Sabri, Azmin, Hamzah, Hadi, Zuraida, Zafrul, Rina, the Health Minister, Najib, Zahid, Ku Nan, love-hate Mahathir as well despising Bersatu people, Umno people, PAS people and Malay civil servants and enforcement officers, for e.g. our Immigration Dept is characterized by them as “cruel” and “inhumane”.

(Referring to Chinese support for DAP’s pro-refugee activist Heidy Quah who has alleged that the Immigration Dept treats its detainees most inhumanely.)

Together, the Umno, PAS and Bersatu people make up a vast majority of the Malays. That’s a large group whom Cina DAP are hostile to.

Malay politicians whom Cina DAP consider to be their friend are Anwar, Nurul, Fahmi Fadzil, Mat Sabu, Mujahid, Khalid Samad and the fair weather Saddiq … urm, who else?

The ‘friends’ list is considerably shorter.

Currently Cina DAP have dialled up to eleven their negativity directed at the Malay establishment (as represented by Muhyiddin and his strategic allies).

Unfortunately, Chinese awareness is limited to one side. They’re intense about how very much they’re anti (what they call) the “backdoor government”.

They’ve not considered the ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ Law of Motion. Now imagine Malays on the other side giving back the Chinese measure for measure.

Imagine supporters of muafakat (Malay unity power) returning or reflecting back these same ‘anti’ feelings.

Now imagine that Chinese are cucumber and Malay are durian.

Whether the cucumber rolls on the durian or whether the cucumber is rolled over by the durian, we know which fruit comes out of the encounter unscathed.


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6 thoughts on “Consequences of Chinese and their anti-establishment attitude

  1. 9000 deaths and counting is the established fact beyond any reasonable doubt of newtons law of motion.

    1. M’sians of all races have died of Covid but DAP is capitalizing on the Chinese fatalities/suicide, difficulty in getting medical treatment — just like how they reaped political mileage from TBH’s death.

      If our healthcare system is really so stretched, then the doctors have to triage. Race may not be the factor when a Chinese patient is put at the back of the queue.

      The pressures of this pandemic is making the Chinese ecosystem more of an ethnic silo. DAP playing the blame game is going to reap a heavy social cost.

      1. many years back when i lodge a police report, the police officer comment that chinese make the most complaints, even small incident like theft robbery and break in the chinese will riuh sekampung as if the police has nothing better to do, this could be anecdotal but that was what i personally heard.

        i dont know if the indian died in custody or some chinese not able to secure their deserve queue is really nothing to do with race, the problem here, i think, many malay is very similar to chinese live under ccp, they rarely complain, they seem to fine with everything the govt do no matter what happen, while the indian and chinese are like the taiwanese, they complain anything and everything though on the contrary, our govt do nothing while their government do listen and take action. go watch any taiwan news reporting and one would know why taiwanese able, at the second time, to contain the ccp virus, even a folk that refuse to wear a mask is reported in their news, and if police take no action, the entire country (i think taiwan is a country) make noise. malaysian should live like taiwanese and not ccp zombie.

        1. Agree with you that Malays rarely complain.

          Living with cats now, I’ve learned to go with the flow — pick up and clean mess without complaints.

  2. I certainly oppose the views of the DAP and their shenanigans in giving the wrong impression that the Malaysian Chinese are anti-establishment. The majority of the Malaysian Chinese (80%) are not anti-establishment because they know which side of their rice-bowls have rice. These English-speaking new christians are not Chinese inside even though they look Chinese. They have no Chinese cultural ballast ! The majority of them are Lao and not Han Chinese. They themselves are 3rd generation immigrant Chinese who happened to garner millions of tax-free ringgits through a loop-hole in the laws via the income-tax free RM 2 incorporated places of worship. WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE LOUD MOUTH MISCHIEF MAKERS IF THE GOVERNMENT DECIDES THAT RELIGIOUS MONEY SO COLLECTED ARE ONLY FOR RELIGIOUS PURPOSES AND NOT FOR POLITICS ! Why should any Malaysian Chinese be anti-Establishment when there are Peace,Harmony and Prosperity in the land. The DAP should ask themselves who were the mischief-makers who kept on pointing out the fault-lines of our beloved Malaysia time and time again like its founder LKY ! Compare now even in the midst of a crisis, the state of Malaysia with all its good people, excellent geo-political location and bountiful natural resources and that of Singapore, the homeland of the DAP. Singapore now has no tourism which affects its hotels, malls, transport, retail shops, restaurants, finance, etc. This is only 30% of its GDP. Singapore today is living on the riches it made (about US350 billions) during the Cold War 1948-1989 with the blessing of Uncle Sam. Without tourism, how Singapore ? Since 2020, the Singapore Government has already disbursed S$ 120 billions to keep all afloat ! As a man in the street, I like to know the motive of the DAP behind ” this Malaysian Chinese anti-establishment line.” As far as I am aware, it’s DAP’s alleged inherent Chinese chauvinism which comes to the fore all the time.

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