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Biden’s America is a dysfunctional country

Under the Democrats, white has become black and vice versa in the USA.

Take the latest headline below in The Washington Post which said ‘Simone Biles won the Tokyo Olympics’.

Biles did not win any gold medal. She collected a bronze on the Balance Beam — an individual event in artistic gymnastics.

Her country won silver in the women’s team gymnastics. But Biles did not contribute positively to the second place finish by Team USA.

For the women’s gymnastics team competition, there are four apparatuses to be completed — Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, and Vault.

In the middle of competition, Biles pulled out of the beam, bars and floor rotations after she flubbed her vault.

It is a sensible decision to withdraw rather than continue in the competition and risk a potential catastrophic injury.

Since Biles felt she was unable to perform on the day, she made the right call to safeguard her personal well-being (gymnastics is a high-risk sport unlike say, ping pong).

Subsequently, Biles pulled out as well from her three individual events, i.e. Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, and Vault. She was the reigning Olympic 2016 champion in the latter two disciplines and had been tipped for gold, which she ultimately failed to deliver.

Her sensible pullout decision, however, has been valourized by the pro-Democrat media — as displayed by the WaPo headline above claiming ‘Simone Biles won the Tokyo Olympics’. (She did not.)

Because Biles is a black female athlete, she is beyond reproach in Democrat La La Land. If it had been a straight (heterosexual), white male American athlete, the liberal media would have felt unconstrained to criticize.

The Washington Postis in a tough fight with the New York Times to be the undisputed champion print media when it comes to the title of Most Anti-Trump newspaper.

Meanwhile in the broadcast media category, CNN and MSNBC are in close competition for gold as the Most Anti-Trump television fake news channel.

American liberal and legacy media are deliberately purveying unreality to their rabid, Trump-hating subscribers.

Take Wapo’s Olympics medal table below as another example of perverting reality.

The Wapo Olympics tally puts the USA at No.1 with a total of 73 medals of all colours (gold, silver, bronze) and China at No.2 with a total of 69 medals.

The weird way Wapocounts in order to tabulate table ranking is not the way how the rest of the world counts.

By the rest of world’s accepted standard, China with its 32 gold medals (up to this point in time) should rightly top the table.

USA with 24 gold is correctly the runner-up only and Japan with 19 gold would be positioned third … but not so in the distorted world of the Washington Post.

BELOW:Winners for the Balance Beam event in Tokyo — China gold, China silver, USA bronze (Simone Biles)

This same WaPo wilful distortion had anointed Simone Biles as “winning the Tokyo Olympics” (with her bronze on the Balance Beam as highlighted here earlier).

For the record, Chinese gymnast Guan Chenchen took the gold while her compatriot Tang Xijing took the silver; the girls gave China a one-two podium finish on the Balance Beam (the event in which Biles came in third).

This same kind of upside down framing seen in the media’s coverage of Olympic sports is exactly what American consumers were force-fed in regard to coverage of American presidential politics.

Biden’s open borders policy has been a disaster for allowing illegal aliens to melt into the USA without Covid testing. But trust the Trump-hating media to gaslight the public by falsely framing lousy Biden as excellent Biden.

Trump, on the other hand, is always cast as Orange Man Bad.

President Trump would have handled his country’s troop pullout from Afghanistan better than President Biden but the American media certainly could not permit its audience to entertain such a sacrilegious thought.

As it is, under Biden’s watch, American troops abandoned their last Afghan military base in the dead of night on July 2, sneaking away with their tail tucked between the legs.

The recent American departure from Kabul was every bit as ignominious as their shameful retreat from Saigon in April 1975.

Despite their stupendous firepower, America has lost the war to the Taliban. America also lost the war to the Vietcong in Vietnam.

In the Democrats’ Cloud Cuckoo Land though, losers are framed as winners, corrupt Biden is framed as Honest Joe, and Diversity (a bad idea) is framed as most desirable.

Look how well ‘diversity’ worked out in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa.


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  1. I live in the USA. Biden is not perfect but he is way way better than the stupid Trump. Most of us here are very glad Trump is out.

  2. i think the america leftist media is quite consistent in their olympic medal tabling, they change from ranking base on gold to overall since 2008 to show no discrimination against the second and third spot, right or wrong i dont know, but i am okay with it.

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