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Dysfunctional USA

This is a short postscript to my earlier blog entry titled ’Biden’s America is a dysfunctional country’.

Three days ago, I knocked The Washington Post as dysfunctional for trumpeting a headline that claimed ‘Simone Biles won the Tokyo Olympics’.

Their American gymnast – whose net worth is estimated to be ten million USD – had secured an individual bronze medal.

The real winner of the Tokyo Olympics is Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah (pix, middle), in my humble opinion.

Thompson-Herah won the blue ribbon 100-metre dash and took gold in the 200m as well.

She then anchored the Jamaica team to victory in the 4 x 100 relay — completing a personal golden “sprint triple”.

En route to her medal hattrick, Thompson-Herah set an Olympic record in the 100m and ran the world’s second fastest time in the 200m.

Not only that, the Jamaican runners made a clean sweep of the women’s 100m with their phenomenal 1-2-3 finish — see below, gold silver bronze all to Jamaica.

What makes the achievements of these athletes even more remarkable is that Jamaica is such a small country.

The United States is about 895 times bigger than Jamaica in size. 

Jamaica has only got a population of 2.8 million compared to the USA‘s 333 million people.

So far the rich, corpulent USA has collected 33 gold medals in Tokyo; tiny Jamaica has four gold medals. 

If we look at the population talent pool – framing it this way – each 10 million Americans produced one Olympic gold medalist whereas each 700,000 Jamaicans produced one Olympic gold medalist.

The USA is both dysfunctional and always overhyping themselves.

Fir example, footballers around the world kick the soccer ball using their feet. In the game called ‘football’ in the USA, the ball more often than not is clutched in the players’ hands.

In the USA, their baseball league is called the ‘World’ Series when only American teams are playing, and there are no competitors from any other country. 

Their dysfunctional media feed the Anerican audience with self-referential unreality in sports news coverage. 

Coverage of political news in the USA is even more dysfunctional. 


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  1. no matter count by gold or total medal, the dysfunctional usa still the overall champion, but they are kind enough to let the ccp fanboy to self syok for 10 days.

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