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How Sheraton Move changed M’sia forever

The main reason Muhyiddin is still holding on to power is because some Malays fear DAP may slip back into Putrajaya through the side door if his administration is collapsed.

The main reasons the Sheraton Move was executed were to shuffle the chess pieces so that one, Anwar does not become PM and two, his ally the DAP could be removed from Putrajaya.

The main outcomes from the Sheraton Move are one, the federal government becomes almost wholly Bumiputera and two, DAP becomes the biggest party in parliament today and thus solidifying the non Bumiputera in a political bloc.

Since the Sheraton Move in February 2020, the two main races have become even more firmly entrenched on opposite sides of the political divide.

The Sheraton Move pushed Chinese YBs to the outside, and from their political wilderness they’re whinging endlessly that the people inside – in the corridors of power – are abject failures.

Hence the DAP’s hashtag #kerajaanGagal campaign and their false rhetoric that Malaysia is a “failed state”.

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DAP:  Fat cat power-hungry party

The Sheraton Move also showed that DAP politicians are no less addicted to power than their Malay counterparts.

Post Sheraton, DAP ministers are sorely missing the many perks of cabinet which they’d never tasted before prior to 2018, including privileges that money can’t buy such as the prestige of having police bodyguards assigned to them.

DAP’s diversity translated into Christian troika

Zahid now says that the government will keep functioning even if the Perikatan administration is ousted — see news report above.

The Sheraton Move has allowed us to see that the country will keep functioning even when the Chinese are excluded from the federal government.

Yet just because DAP is being kept out of Putrajaya, the party and its followers are hellbent on persuading the rest of our country that we’re living in a failing state.

Thankfully the Sheraton Move proved how Putrajaya really need not be bludgeoned into accepting the kind of ‘diversity’ dictated by DAP.

The Harapan government in their 22 months ruling the country moreover introduced an unprecedented development where the Attorney General (Tommy Thomas) is Christian, the Chief Justice (Richard Malanjum) is Christian and the late Law Minister (Zachary David Liew Vui Keong) was Christian as well.

AG, CJ and the cabinet’s top man for legal matters — all three Christian during Harapan rule. Fact.

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DAP trying to woo Muslim support on their own

The Sheraton Move allowed us to see too how implacable the Chinese are.

In the years between 2013 and 2018, i.e. the intervening period between GE13 and GE14, Chinese support was moving upwards to its fabled 95 percent for the DAP.

Since March 2020 (post Sheraton), the Chinese have chosen to dig in rather than self reflect on why the dysfunctional DAP is unable to shake off its anti-Malay, anti-Islam reputation.

And the DAP’s currently evolving pro-Bangla, pro-Rohingya, pro-Palestinian posturing may even convince Malays that Cina DAP are consummate hypocrites.

In GE14, Chinese put all their eggs in one basket. In GE15, this basket will drop and the eggs will break.

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Grandmaster chess player behind Sheraton Move

A direct consequence of the Sheraton Move is that we’re able to see how Malays are capable of running Malaysia without Cina DAP input.

Before March 2020, the Chinese had always had a significant presence in cabinet — for decades under the Alliance and BN, then briefly under Harapan.

Less clear to Dapsters is that the Sheraton Move was an indirect consequence of how the Chinese electorate voted en bloc in 2018.

Nonetheless what is most clear at present is the anti-establishment attitude of the Chinese.

Again this hostile behaviour will beget more consequences but Dapsters lack any self awareness to realise.

Regardless, life goes on despite the DAP doomsayers claiming that Malaysia is kaput without themselves in the government.

The bitter rivalry between Umno and Bersatu is only a temporary glitch. Air dicincang tak akan putus.

Life in Malaysia will also never be the same again because of the Sheraton Move. For this we have Mahathir to thank.

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  1. sheraton move did change a few things:

    1 mahathir is no more the greatest conman
    2 demonstrate fully what malay muslim govt is about
    3 chinese is forever the bogeyman and indian still doesn’t matter.
    4 adib is a non issue, same with tbh
    5 only 2 ladies are interested in the rohingya issue, both name start with “h” wakaka
    6 lge is still a stupid, but definitely not the no1
    7 mca worst than dog
    8 msia constitution is not that diff with bible, everyone can have their own interpretation
    9 hadi is a liar, pas love vellfire more than camel, n pas man do love tudung woman
    10 wuhanvirus validate newtons law of motion.

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