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When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?

The PAS president gave two latest sermons.

In the one yesterday Hadi Awang said, “PAS, Umno dan Bersatu yang merupakan tiga parti teras Melayu-Islam dan bumiputera perlu disatukan”.

Supaya acuan Islam boleh diperkenalkan dengan lebih berkesan.

Juga untuk menyingkirkan langkah negatif yang diambil oleh kalangan “kumpulan bukan Islam yang ekstrem”, kata Hadi.

In his sermon today, Hadi said: “Kita sedang menyaksikan tamadun Barat sedang membakar diri sendiri kerana melakukan perkara yang melawan fitrah manusia”.


The USA is dysfunctional. While American cities burn, its legacy media tell their pro-Democrat audiences that the BLM riots of 2020 were “mostly peaceful” demonstrations.

The screengrab above shows CNN reporter Omar Jimenez broadcasting live from Kenosha, Wisconsin on 26 Aug 2020. The chyron by his cable network said “mostly peaceful protests” when fires can be seen blazing behind him onscreen.

Fake news media allies of the Democrats are feeding their American public an Orwellian unreality. DAP is similarly gaslighting the non Malays.

Already the Chinese are living in an ethnic silo. DAP propaganda reverberating in their echo chamber manufactures a 95 percent consensus that is divorced from Malaysian reality.

No surprise then that Singapore top diplomat Bilahari Kausikan (pix), now retired, thought Chinese in Malaysia to be “delusional”.

How can they not be delusional when they’re drunk on the Koolaid copiously supplied by the dysfunctional DAP.

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From top, the DAP Yang Berhormats are Adun Lee Kee Hiong and MP Hannah Yeoh plus their Chinese entourages; an older picture of MP Yeo Bee Yin with Malay ladies and a more recent picture of her among Malay gentlemen in TNB’s Balai Islam

Love undocumented migrants, hate PAS

Najib has pointedly asked the MCA if they remembered who their Malay friends are — see his Facebook entry two days ago (below).

DAP is dysfunctional because they’re continually making enemies of the Malay majority left, right, centre and everywhere despite all the tudung wearing by its evangelists.

It is painful to watch evangelist DAP attacking everybody in PAS, and dissing everything about Islamist PAS.

Hannah Yeoh, for example – who has 336,800 Twitter followers – had from the get-go badmouthed her successor in the Women’s Ministry. The Deputy Minister from PAS, Siti Zailah, was soon bullied off the social media platform after being trolled mercilessly by Dapsters.

In 2015, Singapore diplomat Bilahari Kausikan (then his country’s ambassador-at-large) had said Malaysian Chinese were “delusional”.

He also said: ”Some in Umno began to question whether it was really necessary to work with the Chinese at all”.

Even in 2015, the expert observer (Kausikan was Singapore‘s former permanent secretary for foreign affairs) could see the inability of MCA to recover Chinese support.

Fast forward to 2021.

Cina DAP are still delusional because they continue to back a dysfunctional party that is incapable of making consequential Malay friends except for the likes of Anwar, Mat Sabu and Syed Saddiq.

Instead of honestly appraising criticism coming from outsiders (such as the aforementioned non-Chinese diplomat), Kit Siang retorted by calling Kausikan an “ugly Singaporean”.

Meanwhile, Tony Pua chose to pick a fight with Kausikan personally.

It is ironic that Tony Pua – see above – slammed Singapore for not having any friends among the other countries when his party has precious few friends among our own countrymen.

Action, oppostite reaction ding-dong

Kit Siang’s Twitter reference to the Bilahari Kausikan article was timestamped 6 Oct 2015.

Najib’s FB referencing MCA was posted on 8 Aug 2021. Much has developed politically in the span of those six years from mid-2015 to now, mid-2021.

So how well have the observations of the Singapore diplomat about Chinese delusions held up?

In his 6 Oct 2015 lengthy op-ed titled ‘Singapore is not an island’ published in The Straits Times, Kausikan noted how the anti-government demonstrations [Bersih] in Malaysia were “predominantly Chinese affairs”.

The usual ‘Action’ begetting ‘Equal and opposition reaction’ pendulum had swung giddily in 2015.

The affray that broke out in July 2015 at Low Yat Plaza “exposed the tinderbox Malaysia had become”, Kausikan had written contemporaneously then. It was a racial incident, he concluded.

Ismail Sabri famously waded into the fray with his ‘Low Yat 2’ response.

Then came the Chinese vs Malay swingback.

“The anti-government Bersih demonstrations held in late August this year [2015] were, despite a sprinkling of other races, predominantly Chinese affairs,” Kausikan wrote from the vantage point of October that year.

Bersih took place on 30 Aug 2015, the eve of Hari Kebangsaan. Its huge Chinese assembly was to cause a Malay blowback which duly occurred the following month on Hari Malaysia.

Propaganda message: (The people reject) dirty elections, corrupt bureaucrats

The Cina-turun-padang, or turun ke Dataran Merdeka to be precise, mobilization in August courted Malay backlash in September.

On Sept 16 (National Day), the nationalist Red Shirts descended on Chinatown in Petaling Street. The FRU had to use water cannons to disperse the Malay protestors.

Separately, the Himpunan Merah Malay crowd (pix below) which gathered in KL streets on 16 Sept 2015 was comparable in size to the Bersih Chinese crowds.

Coincidentally, 2015 was also the year when Muhyiddin was sacked as DPM by then PM Najib.

What a reversal of fortune between Najib and Muhyiddin in the passage of a mere half dozen years!

Kausikan’s crystal ball (2015)

Chinese are delusional to think DAP cares to ubah anything else except swap the occupiers of Putrajaya.

The only change was having to put up with DAP cabinet ministers instead of MCA cabinet ministers.

(a) Can Chinese ever change the system?


Bilahari Kausikan wrote on 6 Oct 2015 about the cardinal principle of Malay dominance: “So long as this [political and social compact] was not challenged, other races could have their own space”.

But the status quo was challenged, prompting Najib to issue a reminder in September 2015: “Don’t forget […] Malays also have their limits”.

According to Kausikan in his Straits Times op-ed, the system that placed Umno at its centre representing Malay dominance “did not serve Malaysia badly” that is until relatively recently, and “it was a system we [Singapore] learnt to work with, while going our own way”.

“We, of course, have no choice but to work with whatever system or leader emerges in Malaysia,” he added. “But some systems will be easier to work with than others.”

By late 2015, however, the cracks in the system could no longer be papered over.

“That familiar system is now under immense stress. It is not certain that it can hold together,” observed the Singapore diplomat.

And indeed, it crumbled barely three years later in 2018 but only for a brief period of time before reassembling.

(b) Can Christians change the system?

They can try since some Christians are bumiputera.

In 2015, Kausikan did not believe that the motley crew of Pakatan Rakyat could “form a new multiracial system”.

Speaking of PR, Kausikan wrote: “Although its component parties are in theory multiracial, they have nothing in common except the ambition to displace BN”.

He was just as pessimistic about Pakatan Harapan.

PH 2018–2020 was in fact even more motley than its predecessor PR. The stranger bedfellow in this coalition included Bersatu.

“Pakatan Harapan is a forlorn hope (pun intended),” Kausikan wrote in 2015.

The system cannot ubah and it is delusional of the Chinese to think they can change the country by changing the government.

“The cardinal principle of Malay dominance is enshrined in the Constitution, which also places Islam as the first component in the definition of a Malay,” Kausikan wrote.

In Malaysia, interpretation of Islam has become irreversibly more austere and exclusive, he opined.

”The result has been an increasingly pronounced emphasis on religion in Umno’s political identity and a significant and continuing narrowing of the political and social space for non-Muslims,” he said in 2015.

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(c) Is a DAP-led Christian opposition shaping up? 

“Surveys show that Malaysian Malays privilege Islamic credentials over other qualities they look for in their leaders,” wrote Kausikan.

Malaysian Malays polled in the 2010s also identified themselves as Muslims first.

“Umno and PAS may eventually form some sort of de facto if not de jure alliance that could be the core of a new ruling system,” Kausikan had rightly predicted in 2015, presaging the creation of Muafakat.

His other prediction – “There may be token ornaments of other races, but the Malaysian system will then comprise an overwhelmingly dominant Malay government with a DAP-led Chinese opposition” – was absolutely spot on too.

Kausikan believed what he forecast to be “probable” but that the Malay-Muslim consolidation in the form of Umno-PAS would not happen overnight. Kausikan’s 2015 crystal ball gazing turned out to be so correct only five years down the road.

(d) Religion, not race, is the next pressure point

“It is my impression that many young Malaysian Chinese have forgotten the lessons of May 13, 1969,” said Kausikan.

The Chinese, he said, are naive to believe that the system built around the principle of Malay dominance can be changed.

This naïveté, surmised Kausikan, may be why the Chinese have almost wholly abandoned MCA for the DAP. “They are delusional,” he declared.

“Malay dominance will be defended by any means.” Again, Kausikan in his 2015 review of Malaysian politics was prescient and described ahead of time the motivating principle behind the Sheraton Move.

“Any new system will still be built around this [Malay dominance] principle, and if it has some form of Umno-PAS collaboration at its centre, enforcement of this principle will be even more rigorous with even less space for non-Muslims,” Kausikan had said in October 2015.

Note that Kausikan anticipated “less space for non Muslims”. He did not say ‘less space for non Malays’.

Kausikan believed “the pressure point is religion.”

According to him: “Religion in Singapore is not immune from globalisation’s consequences, and not just in our Muslim community. Evangelical Christianity is one example”.

He explained that in secular Singapore, religion is separate from the state. “Not so in Malaysia.”

(e) Apa yang Kristian DAP mau?

Among other things, they want to know what happened to Pastor Raymond Koh who is believed to be a victim of ‘enforced disappearance’.

What they’re less interested for the general public to find out is the reason behind the Pastor Raymond controversy, i.e. proselytizing to Muslims.

In his op-ed, Kausikan further recalled: “Two days after the [2013] election, Utusan Malaysia, an Umno mouthpiece, pointedly asked “Apa Lagi Cina Mau’?”

“The question was provocatively phrased, but not entirely unreasonable,” he conceded.

“Prime Minister Najib Razak tried hard to win back Chinese votes but got almost nothing for his efforts,” Kausikan observed.

Kausikan failed to mention that Najib had tried equally hard to win back Christian votes — to the extent of allowing kalimah Allah to be used in Sabah and Sarawak.

And now we’ve come to the second half of 2021. Compared to 2015, Najib has learned much. He no longer expects the Chinese votes to return to BN.

His poke two days ago at the MCA reminding them about friendship was just a matter of melepaskan batuk di tangga.

Since the Chinese have chosen to put all their eggs in one basket by destroying MCA, it is PAS that has clout currently over Umno — a leverage which the Chinese BN party has lost.

To repeat an earlier point, the then Singapore ambassador-at-large Bilahari Kausikan revealed in 2015: “Some in Umno began to question whether it was really necessary to work with the Chinese at all”.

The musings about cooperating with Chinese was Phase One. Umno already knows the answer.

We’re now in Phase Two.



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5 thoughts on “When will Chinese realise that DAP is dysfunctional?

  1. Kausikan was speaking from the vantage point of a chinese dominated Singapore. Regardless, Helen how do you see the long term survival of Bersatu? Is it merely a temporary glitch? Will bersatu someday return to Umno’s folds?

    1. Like S46.

      Bersatu did not get the Malay votes in GE14.

      What ROS is now doing to Umno does not endear the Malay ground to Umno’s rival.

      Don’t see Bersatu as having grassroots strength. Current strength comes from PM dishing out positions, and even this is already at max level.

      If Bersatu is not holding PM post, where will the party be?

  2. BK of Singapore is the only free thinker within the limits on current topics in Singapore. It is obvious to all who are not emotionally involved like the tropicalised brand new-christians of the DAP now pushing the string earnestly in the firm believe that they will succeed in changing the Malaysian political landscape , that they will fail in a Muslim majority country…Here are the reasons for their failure :-
    1. These DAP brand new christians come from a minority Lao clan, not the Hans who are the real Chinese. They are famed for shooting themselves in the foot. All Chinese await their antics as recorded in history. Madame Chiang Kai-shek was a Lao.
    2. No overseas Chinese in the World do what these DAP brand new christians are doing now in Malaysia giving the Han Chinese a bad name,, not even in Hong Kong or Singapore, their homeland.
    3. The revered Constitution as safeguarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans is the authoritative document for all Malaysian politicians. So, the DAP, oldies by singing, “Malaysia for Malaysians’ as concocted by LKY in 1964 and the DAP brand new christians, have ignored the Constitution’s existence and importance. This will be to their regret.
    4. The MCA,”quack, quack, quack” and the DAP paper “Rocket” have been stumbling blocks to Malaysian Unity by being Political Communal Middlemen which became wealthy and the majority of the Chinese still remain poor and struggle for a living. Both should now be social welfare agencies.
    5. It is far better if any incumbent Malay biased Government appoints directly the Chinese to be Ministers, Ombudsmen, Advisers, GLC executives, etc from the 6 million Chinese and by-pass the MCA and the DAP which have outlived their usefulness as created by their founders ! In fact, both have been divisive by being communal !
    6. If the British could rule Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong well like this, why not the Malays ? Those who are knowledgeable on the histories of the MCA and the DAP, and the Chinese, should know what I am talking about.
    7. BK has been silent since 2015.

  3. How many Malaysians realise that all the people living in Malaysia depend on each other for a living ? I am certain the oldies of DAP know about this as much as I do. In fact, the more economic progress is made by the country, the more we are dependent on one another. For the tropicalised brand new christians of the DAP to pretend that there is a huge division between the communities is a big lie – just because they have been booted out of POWER ! It has always been the economics which bound the communities together, not the POLITICS. This fact truly reflects the intentions of the revered Constitution as safe-guarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, with care and compassion. With so many lame ducks in the political arena these troubled times, we do not even have much of a choice. As always, the DAP’s tropicalised brand new christians coming from a small minority of the Lao Chinese clan jumped into the cauldron with mischievous intent without declaring why the paper Rocket now ‘soot’ at the Palestinians and the Rohingyas and not at the moon and the stars ! Is it LKY bye-bye ? Beneath the apparent natural fault lines between the different communities, the inherent and resilient strength of our beloved Malaysia.lies – our centuries of good governance under the Royal Sultans which eventually became Merdeka in 1957. Those who are aware of the part played by the Royal Sultans in aborting the Malayan Union in 1945 will know what I am talking about. To put this into perspective, what the tropicalised brand new christians of the DAP are doing in Malaysian politics today give rise to suspicions about their motive. For the cognoscenti of Malaysian politics, such antics not only end up in failure but create deeper division amongst the communities as well till all realise that these few Lao Chinese (10%) do not represent the majority of the Chinese, the Han Chinese (90%) who are unlike them like chalk and cheese.

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