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Sheraton Reshuffle

PAS keeping DAP away with a 10-foot spiked pole is just as I anticipated — see Tuan Ibrahim’s statement below.

Dapsters are wishfully thinking that should Muhyiddin resign, DAP would be back in Putrajaya with Anwar as their figurehead.

They also expect that their party’s 42 MPs would have a bigger clout than PAS’s 18 MPs in any political reconfiguration.

Cina DAP are wrong on both counts.

Real value of 18 vs 42

Firstly — yes DAP has 42 MPs but only one of them is a Malay Muslim, i.e. YB Tengku Zulpuri.

Sorry but all the tudung-wearing and Quran-quoting by DAP evangelicals don’t figure in the headcount.

The next ruling coalition requires a majority (111 MPs) or a ‘plurality’, meaning a bigger total than has the rival coalition although neither side meets the 111 threshold.

PAS’s 18 Malay MPs offer more political stability than the DAP’s one Malay plus 41 non-Malay non-Muslim MPs.

The majority or plurality viable to govern must also be Malay Muslim in majority or else something like the AG-CJ-Law Minister all Christians!! scenario would repeat itself.

PAS found the Tommy Thomas et al set-up unpalatable and thus Christian dominance was a destabilizing factor.

BELOW: The then AG Tommy Thomas doing the twist with other dancers on stage

Secondly — as I’d blogged earlier, the Sheraton Move has changed Malaysia forever.

The Sheraton Shuffle had created the first ever Malay government since Merdeka, and allowed the old and conservative establishment types to see that it is possible for our country to be governed without any Chinese input (bar one Lone Ranger, Wee Ka Siong).

The Sheraton Move is past and gone but its legacy remains — we’ve lived through a government without Chinese (excepting that sole MCA Transport Minister) and the sky has not fallen.

DAP supporters are doubtless insisting that the Cina component of their erstwhile Harapan government ranked a distinction in grade, and hence our country simply cannot do without the Chinese‘s priceless A+ contribution.

But as we’ve seen today, PAS disagrees with the (false) premise that DAP are invaluable to the government.

On the other hand, DAP is considered undeniably toxic by the Malay base, and Umno too is brandishing its own 10-foot pole to keep the evangelical party at bay.

Until GE15 is held, the deck of cards is limited to the current batch of 220 MPs.

If the deck is reshuffled this coming week(s), its majority/plurality alignment could still turn out in the shape of Sheraton 2.0.

The genie released in February 2020 cannot be put back into the bottle.


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3 thoughts on “Sheraton Reshuffle

  1. The votes gained by the DAP in the 14th GE became history long ago as a week in Malaysian politics has always been a long time in history. It is not forgotten that YB Dato Seri Azmin Ali revealed in the Dewan Rakyat in October 2020 that the most urgent matter pushed by the PH DAP crew was to get the LKY inspired TPPA (RCEP) approved by the PH Cabinet in August 2018. All the promised ‘reforms’ in the PH Manifesto were conveniently put aside and forgotten because the DAP was deeply involved in conspiracy to dethrone TDM from thereon. They failed but initiated the Sheraton Shuffle which saw the DAP thrown out naked unceremoniously onto the streets of Putrajaya. To this day, they are still licking their raw wounds. Hence, when the bait was offered to them a day ago, Pua and Ong snapped at it like famished crocodiles of a political kind ! The offer was ” Let us be united to pursue the promised reforms after we have eradicated the Covid-19 virus.’ I have never heard of such gobbledygook generosity doled out by a successful government ever and such absurd retorts from both Pua and Ong that this is an opportunity to do reforms. Who will believe them ? When the whole brand new christians DAP gang was riding high in the PH Government, they never considered implementing the ‘reforms’ but only the LKY inspired TPPA (RCEP) for the PH Cabinet approval. Man proposes. God disposes. In 2020, the Pandemic hit the DAP homeland so hard that the Singapore Government had to spend S$ 93 billion to keep afloat. The TPPA is now in limbo in the New Normal Era. Singapore will have to discard LKY’s political and socio-economic model as soon as the dust settles. This model will face the reality of the present day World post-Covid-19 virus with the total absence of the lush revenues from those halcyon days of the Cold War 1948-1989 as blessed by Uncle Sam and followed by tourism. Uncle Sam has no time for Singapore anymore because he has to keep his home fires burning since October 2008. He has to ensure the books of the Fed look good. It is clear that Pua and Ong were grasping straws in the wind after losing Power in Putrajaya by being short-sighted and compounded by the virtual weakness of their homeland Singapore. Does a leopard changes its spots ?

  2. In June 2018, I attempted to meet with 4 of the DAP top leaders to convince them that it was the right time for them to be a Constitution biased political party., leave communal politics and replace the MCA. It was also a good time to test their political will or resolve to find out whether they were real heroes as they projected themselves to be for years or just ordinary folk with soft underbellies and feet of clay. Unfortunately, they turned out to be the latter with nothing special in their mental or character make-up. From then on, I expected the worst to come from this ordinary DAP crew of no consequence. This was eventually confirmed by their zeal to get LKY’s inspired CPTTP (the Malaysia killer) approved by the PH Cabinet in August 2018 and the subsequent conspiracy to dethrone TDM. My intention to meet with the DAP Leaders was to highlight to them that the DAP could be the most enlightened political party in the Kingdom if it did an apparent 180 degree turn and become a Constitutional abiding party to all and express remorse on their LKY concocted fault lines of the Federation. Today, the refreshed DAP would have been the ‘kingmaker’ and not PAS ! But Man proposes. God disposes ! By not listening sound and good ideas, the DAP with their brand new christian leaders are now in the wildness with a bad record, may be forever because future Governments will be allergic to the DAP – the leopard which cannot change its spots ! When the DAP found themselves in Power, they did not realise that it was not due to their efforts but the bungling BN. They did not review all the options to survive forever and within the parameters of Realpolitk but were short-sighted in their belief in LKY (Chinese support) and their best friend (Malay support). Now, the DAP will pay in spades for their mental weakness and wander in the wilderness forever, maybe without Chinese or the best friend’s support.

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