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One day in politics is a lifetime

The PAS president has been talking about golongan “bukan Islam yang tidak ekstrem” quite consistently in his political sermons of late.

One wonders whether Hadi Awang includes the DAP in this group or not.


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One thought on “One day in politics is a lifetime

  1. Does any Malaysian know the biggest loser/conspirator in the recent Malaysian Political Conundrum which ended with the resignation of the PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin and his 73 Cabinet members ? PN ? No ! It’s the seven-headed serpent stuffed with tropicalised brand new christians, the DAP ! DAP had the Power to shape their own future and the future of a better Malaysia by taking the NORMAL path which was opened to them when they were in Power, from May 2018 – February 2020. But they chose the convoluted mental approach which tied them in knots to this day which was the result of their conspiratorial actions post-the PH approval of the LKY inspired CPTPP (the Malaysia Killer) in August 2018. If they had left their suspicious baggage behind like its ant-Constitutional slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ ( concocted by LKY in 1964) in June 2018, the DAP is the No.1 party in Malaysia to-day without a peer and a ‘kingmaker’ ! Unfortunately, with the lack of intellectual power and the LKY type of arrogance that they have no peer, these negative attributes caused their down-fall which is the common view – the DAP is just a bunch of chauvinistic Chinese troublemakers who do not know the meaning of ‘National Interest’. Not only that. BY SPEAKING MANDARIN, THESE FOLK THOUGHT THEY ARE SUPERIOR. WRONG ! THE REALITY IS THEY HAVE NO REAL CHINESE CULTURAL BALLLAST. HENCE, THEIR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS ARE THOSE OF THE COMMON ENGLISH SPEAKING CHINESE OF MALAYSIA and to a certain extent even the Mandarin-speaking Malaysian Chinese. This is the main reason why the DAP with its apparent virtues made the ‘slip twixt cup and lips’ over and over again. Indeed, a lot of water followed under the bridge today ! And with the water, the jurassic DAP will be swept away. Finally, how many Malaysians note that the DAP is the ONLY group of Chinese in the World which kept on demanding more and more instead of contributing wisely and earnestly like the Joe Choong Family of Seremban , Malaysia, now living around the World ?

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