3 thoughts on “Wait for it, wait for it now …

  1. DAULAT, DAULAT, DAULAT TUANKU ! Malaysian Politics have come full circle. In 1945, the Royal Sultans united with the Rakyat, thwarted and aborted the Whitehall Labour Government’s Malayan Union Proposal which eventually led to the Peace, Harmony and Prosperity of the land till 2004. Thereafter, waiting predators like the Singa Lion, the Indonesian Eagle, a beardless fat boy of no merit, etc swept into our beloved Malaysia to grab whatever they desired, 2004-2018, by exploiting the greed and soft-underbellies of the weak. Today, our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong united with his fellow Royal Sultans has taken the first step to unite the dis-united Malays within the precepts of our revered Constitution, somewhat like in 1945 – FOR THE SURVIVAL AND SUSTAINABILITY OF THE MALAYS, MALAYSIANS AND OUR BELOVED BEAUTIFUL MALAYSIA. The Pejuang Party is the only one with no ugly baggage. It has the experienced human resources, wherewithal, and gumption to resolve the financial and Pandemic crises quickly. Therefore, Pejuang’s Leaders should head the provisional bi-partisan Government because the other parties have NOTHING to offer to stop the rot of 1,300,000+ infected cases, 13,000+ deaths, 70 dead pregnant women and 38+ orphans. The Pejuang Party is the ONE AND ONLY PARTY WHICH CAN STOP THE ROT QUICKLY ! Those who have been jailed or charged by any Government should be excluded from this Cabinet.

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