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BN-PN lineup could be like this

Dewan Speaker Art Harun would have collected his headcount of MPs regarding their PM choice by this evening.

The Malay parties are expected to close ranks, if the latest news reports are accurate. Until we get official confirmation, below is my guesswork as to how the cookie crumbles.

At the moment, the parliament website is not showing the MP party allegiances. Instead the relevant page displays the message “sedang dikemaskini”.

So I’ll just have to use my pie chart from June as reference.

Possible lineup backing an Umno PM

A Bumiputera government with an Umno PM might take the following shape:

  • Umno — 38 (unanimous)
  • PAS — 18
  • Bersatu — 31
  • GPS — 18

Assuming all of Bersatu’s 31 MPs pitch for the Umno nominee, then the four big parties above total 105 MPs.

We can add to the tally MCA (2), MIC (1), thus making it 108.

Maximus Johnity Ongkili (PBS) was Muhyiddin’s cabinet minister while the deputy ministers were Arthur Joseph Kurup (PBRS) and Jeffrey Kitingan (STAR).

If we add this Sabah trio of former Muhyiddin ministers to the PN-BN column assuming they’re still sticking with Perikatan, the total MPs on their side will reach (3 + 108 =) 111.

Two PN-friendly independents Xavier Jayakumar and Larry Sng take this putative coalition to 113 MPs.

My speculation: If we furthermore add independent Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal, then the Bumiputera bloc will reach a total of 114 MPs.

Richard Riot (?)

Meanwhile, the strong and formidable DAP + PKR + Amanah = 88 MPs (barring any defections from Harapan).

The rest of the non PN MPs are:

  • Warisan (8)
  • Pejuang (4)
  • Syed Saddiq
  • Maszlee Malik
  • Baru Bian
  • Masir Kujat
  • Wilfred Madius Tangau


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  1. ph can only lead if there is a 3 sided fight. seem conman get his prediction correct, bersatu move benefit umno more, even stupid no more pm final speech sound no diff with conman. pity.

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