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In Feb 2020, they were called ‘frogs’; in May 2018, they were ‘doing it for the rakyat’

So far, there have not been any reports leaked this week that Anwar is benefiting from frogs despite the rainy season (and flash floods yesterday).

MPs had switched sides to make the previous change of government possible via the Sheraton Move in February 2020.

Earlier in May 2018, the long-ruling regime was changed via general election.

On polling night May 9, Pakatan Harapan only had 113 MPs — a mere one seat above the simple majority of 112 (see table of results below).

Source: The Star

In the immediate aftermath of GE14, there was no doubt that Harapan had soundly beaten the BN but nonetheless its total in the Dewan was only 113 seats.

Harapan chairman Mahathir quickly remedied that deficit by accepting lots and lots of frogs to shore up their wafer thin majority.

Dapsters were okay with the en masse poaching of Umno defectors as long as the exercise benefited their side.

On election night 9 May 2018, Bersatu had a round dozen MPs (12 going by strict technicality but usually quoted in the media as 13).

Today Bersatu has bloated to 31 MPs including, rather ironically, ex-PKR man Edmund Santhara Kumar who you’d be hard-pressed to describe as “pribumi”.

In fact, there has been so much leapfrogging and even ‘triple jumps’ since May 2018 that it is hard to keep track of the various MPs’ latest status in their political allegiances.

One thing is clear though, the party which took the biggest hit from frogging – who saw their pond shrinking like quicksand – was Umno. 

On GE14 election night, Umno had 54 MPs. Today the party is left with 38 MPs. 

(Note: The vacant Gerik seat is an Umno incumbency.)

Mandate from the ”rakyat” was indeed given to Harapan in 2018 but mandate from the Malay voters was similarly given to Umno which had remained standing as the largest single party on election night.

DAP and its supporters had flooded the country with a lot of nasty political rhetoric (to erode public trust in the establishment) in the lead-up to 2018, and once again with another round of black propaganda to topple the Muhyiddin administration.

What is it about Cina DAP that so rile up the rest of non-Chinese Malaysians?

Partly, it’s their hypocrisy. Frogging was acceptable when the beneficiary was the party helmed by Harapan chairman Mahathir. It was acceptable because it strengthened the fledging Harapan government.

Frogging however became unacceptable when it caused Harapan to lose Putrajaya. But take away this double standard from Cina DAP and they’d have no standards at all. 

What else is it about Dapsters that irks the Malays? It’s their attitude.

Whether it is the offensive posture (attacking the Sheraton Malay government) or the defensive posture (lamenting the loss of Putrajaya — bad frogs go croak!), the Dapsters are always so self-righteously snide and smug.


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  1. i agree with helen wrt dap fanboy hypocrisy, however the diff is dap/amanah/pas never/rarely involve in any frogging, pkr is more on breeding frog, the one that action on it is umno/bersatu, the abang adik.

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