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The Cina DAP way of thinking

Kit Siang suggests that Harapan chief Anwar should be appointed to a new ‘war cabinet’ as its DPM — see his tweet below.

Other Chinese voices have also been eagerly floating the idea for a unity government.

Now, if the MPs headcount had gone the other way and it was Anwar who obtained the slim majority, would DAP have proposed for their Harapan government 2.0 to appoint Ismail Sabri as its DPM?

Oh and another thing. Dapsters act so high and morally mighty in rejecting any role for the Umno court cluster.

Amazing their selective memory when they omit any mention that Guan Eng too is facing a number of corruption charges in court.

Zahid is treated like guilty (until proven innocent). Guan Eng – if found guilty – will be treated like a victim of political persecution.

The arguments being put forward by Cina DAP on why any Malay government that excludes them should instead think of ‘unity’ and try to be inclusive (although the Perikatan administration did include token MCA Chinese) is like “heads I win, tails you should also give me a second prize”.

But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot?

DAP enjoyed a winning streak against MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, LDP (multiracial parties in Sabah Sarawak dominated by Chinese) and other political rivals.

Did the DAP ever preach inclusivity then? No!

BELOW: How many bridges have the DAP burned, for example, in the Women’s Ministry? 

DAP told the Chinese electorate to give the MCA and Gerakan “duck’s egg” or zero seats.

Dapsters have been baying for blood, advocating the annihilation of Umno’s Chinese minions — to just be done with and totally get rid of ’em “running dogs” (using the crudest language).

Previously we saw the DAP leadership suck Mahathir’s toes. This current period should be most entertaining, listening to the pleas from Chinese for “bipartisanship”, “reaching out across the aisle” and other such sugared words.



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3 thoughts on “The Cina DAP way of thinking

  1. There is no way that the DAP can return to Power by the back-door of a Unity Government. If any bipartisan Government is to be established, this Government must exclude those who have been jailed or charged by any previous Government whether they have been pardoned or acquitted because future Ministers must be above reproach like Caesar’s wife or as pure white as virgin snow. No one is above the law as these folk always said. As for the junior Oracle of Ipoh, (LKY was the senior) he pompously made a political statement of no merit because he did not provide any detail on how to eradicate the Covid-19. He just wanted to make himself relevant and not be forgotten. In this ‘power play of Malaysian Politics’, the DAP deserves what they get by being ignored and excluded from the major decisions. If the DAP loses out on this ‘big’ one next week, they might as well fold their paper Rocket and say bye-bye to all at the next GE. For those who are not dreaming, the DAP’s record is that of a born-loser who forever bungled at the crucial moment because of their in-born loyalty to their homeland since 1966. The DAP had the opportunity not only to save themselves and do our beloved Malaysia a lot of good by being supportive towards the revered Constitution in June 2018. Instead of humility in victory, the DAP leaders were exclusive, arrogant, ignorant and insouciant. It is now too late for them up a greasy pole of no return, caught between their own failures, distrust from others, their jurassic oldies and their blind
    and ambitious tropicalised brand new christians who are fortunate to be tolerated in Malaysia but not even in their homeland or Hong Kong. The remarks from the DAP folk are now completely out of sync with the rest of the Malaysian Political community. It is no longer the votes. It is all about how a Leader can beat the Covid-19 as soon as possible. Politics should now be in the back burner till the Covid-19 is eradicated. Those who do not think likewise can dream in Heaven !

  2. if i recall correctly, mahathir is the one that first propose unity govt, the one that object is not dap or chinese. and mkini comments dont represent chinese thinking. one may read lowyat forum or cari forum to gauge a more objective view.

    1. You’ll have to clarify the time frame of when Mahathir proposed his unity government (he mentioned it off and on) and whether he meant Mageran.

      The DAP response – whether support or reject – would have depended on timing and context.

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