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PM9 — PAS people getting the last laugh

Ismail Sabri is PM9, says The Star!

Like I predicted — Dapster heads are exploding from the glad tidings.

Reality bites

The gap between expectations of the voter base and actual delivery by their party is biggest with Chinese and DAP.

For example, the hopeful Chinese electorate expected that Harapan would be returned to Putrajaya once Muhyiddin was ousted.

What happened was merely a Sheraton Reshuffle whereby Umno and Bersatu swapped musical chairs — the former DPM (Umno seat) is promoted to PM (Bersatu seat), and very possibly a former Senior Minister (Bersatu seat) will be promoted to DPM (Umno seat).

What actually transpired, i.e. Malaysia now welcoming our new PM from Umno, is far from what was anticipated by DAP supporters.

Hence the big perception gap. The party rhetoric is so divorced from reality.

On the other hand, the distance between Malay voter base expectations and actual delivery by their party is smallest with Muslims and PAS.

The conservative Malay electorate expected PAS to promote perpaduan ummah. This week, real Muslim solidarity between Umno, Bersatu, GPS and PAS enabled their tactical en bloc vote which clinched it for Ismail Sabri.

If the Muslim MPs had been split, Ismail Sabri would not have made it past the finish line.

What PAS promised its followers, the party delivered. Hence the more realistic perception among Malay grassroots.

What does such a chasm – ignorant appraisal leading to disappointed expectations – reveal to us about the Chinese ground?

It hints that the DAP is never honest with its non-Malay constituency.

If the Chinese public were given more objective information instead of being fed endless propaganda, then maybe they wouldn’t be so clueless about happenings in our country.

One knows a tree from the fruit it bears. What does the nature of Dapsters tell us about the DAP?

On a personal, all the best to Wee Ka Siong and Wee Jeck Seng. Hope both get a place in the new cabinet.



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4 thoughts on “PM9 — PAS people getting the last laugh

  1. Now that Muslim brotherhood solidarity has proven Malays have nothing to fear from the nons, will that alleviate their fear of Chinese taking over the country?

  2. “If the Chinese public were given more objective information instead of being fed endless propaganda, then maybe they wouldn’t be so clueless about happenings in our country.”

    DAPs grassroots unable to analyse situations for themselves. Hmmmmmmmm

  3. normally a new pm shd enjoy some honeymoon period, but since this is just a rotation play, i would change my “stupid pm” label to “dumb pm” from now onwards. and i would reserve the term idiotic for the next one from pas.

    my sincere congratulation to our dumb 9th pm.

  4. As I said before, the DAP led by the tropicalised brand new christians who are not tolerated in their own homeland and Hong Kong, have lost the ‘big’ one which was their PH Government. They lost big time because they could not think, arrogant in victory instead of humility and exclusive. The Malaysian Chinese are no fools. Just wait and see. The DAP will keep on losing because they kept applying Western values instead of Asian values to our Malaysian Politics. It is best for the Malay incumbent Governments to appoint good, honest and talented Malaysian Chinese direct from the 6 million, by-passing the toll-keepers, the wealthy MCA and DAP, to be Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, GLC executives etc because the exclusive duo have outlived their usefulness as created by their founders ! The antics of the DAP during the PH regime left the Malaysian Chinese with no credible political Leadership which is beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife or as pure as the virgin snow. The DAP have turned themselves into just a bunch of proselytising so and so of no political consequence in our beloved Malaysia. If the DAP still want to be in conflict in Malaysian Politics, please leave out the 99% of the Malaysian Chinese who are like the rest of their overseas brethren living peacefully, working hard and contributing to the countries they live in. I remember the DAP founder LKY said in 2002, “If there are riots in KL, we must grow barnacles in our hearts and not open our gates to them,” This is OK for the 1% DAP Chinese ! Te DAP should realise by now they only represent themselves only., not the 6 million Malaysian Chinese. Times have changed. This is for those who are not dreaming!

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