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The more they preach ‘unity’ …

They’re now clamouring for a “national unity” government.

The UG cabinet composition they have in mind – see Malaysiakini below – is one that “must comprise representatives from all political parties from both sides of the divide”.

Ambiga would have been more persuasive if she had launched her ‘let’s heal the nation’ petition BEFORE it became clear that Ismail Sabri is on track to clinch the job.

A separate petition rejecting Ismail Sabri is hitting 330,000 signatures and targeting half a million.

If it were Anwar who was PM9, would Ambiga & Friends be urging for PAS, Bersatu, Umno and MCA leaders to be included in a Harapan unity gomen to “heal the nation”?

ABOVE: Ambiga was chairman of Bersih

The more they preach their brand of inclusivity, the more their slip is showing. And it’s not a good look.

What idea of “healing our nation” do these Bersih pictures provide to you?


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4 thoughts on “The more they preach ‘unity’ …

  1. i personally dont appreciate unity govt. instead of having 114 stupid, the unity just sum it up to 220 stupid.

  2. What Unity Government is the DAP talking about ? Don’t they read the revered Constitution as safe-guarded by the caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans as politicians, a kind of their own ? No need to include the DAP if there is a feeling of distrust about them or by their previous gobbledygook performance in the short-lived PH Government, 2018-2020. Hang all your heads in shame. LKY will punish all their backsides with a cane for being thrown out naked unceremoniously onto the streets of Putrajaya. No Malaysian Chinese will ever forget such antics made in Singapore and should disown such impropriety at the next GE ! This is for those who are not dreaming !

  3. A true story. There was a lady who had a set of 2 rooms in my friend’s Wisma MPI. for years and years. As the temperatures were rising, she put on a clean yellow shirt and marched the hot and humid streets of KL munching a KFC. with the motley crowd. She uttered a few choice words of no merit. Lo and Behold ! She was ennobled and given the freedom of a Southern Antipodes city. Who says there is no opportunity to make good in our beloved Malaysia ? The DAP ? This is strictly for those who are not dreaming !

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