Will Dapsters start emigrating now?

Hannah Yeoh’s tweet from a decade ago – see below – had urged young people (who desired to emigrate) to change the government instead.

Well, DAP got the ‘ubah’ they wanted. The government changed in May 2018, in March 2020 and in August 2021.

So now what, DAP?



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15 thoughts on “Will Dapsters start emigrating now?

  1. dap still have hope to become government so better stay. myself cant go anywhere because of wuhanvirus. my kids choose to live in taiwan, but they supported only msia team during olympic.

    1. Oh. Takut nanti Taiwan become autonomous region like Tibet, Inner Mongolia & Xinjiang.

      1. not sure if i am making the right decision, however i am pretty persistent on “chineseness”, ergo its purely chinese education from primary to tertiary. no balik china because i abhor any form of authoritarian, moreover taiwan seem to be the only place with cultural and humanities left among the chinese world, mainland under ccp is kind of pervert and distort. well, its up to them in the end.

        i dont know if taiwanese can defend themselves, but srjk n cis still stay after all this years, and singapore survive well.

        1. The BN’s old consociational political formula allowed for the continued existence of SJKC.

          The DAP’s Bangsa M’sia (“there are no Chinese/Indians/Malays, only M’sians”) bullshit is itself an internal contradiction viz any rationale for vernacular school.

          Again, the MCA’s obsession with ‘Cina ini, Cina itu’ supported a Chinese cultural framework.

          The DAP’s “Saya bukan orang Cina”, “we’re all Malaysians” (and many of their leadership are Christian) – I think – will eventually lead to the abolishment of sekolah Cina b’cos DAP has no leverage with the Sheraton series of governments.

          In the good ol’ days, MCA used to have some leverage with Umno behind the scenes. Chinese political support for DAP is self defeating.

    1. AR. The problem with the DAP Leaders is that they think their abode is the Vienna Woods with snow, jingling bells, Santa Claus, red-nose reindeer etc by propagating Western values constantly. As you said, ‘DAP cannot see the wood for the trees.”

  2. Honestly how many Chinese really wanted to migrate to other countries in spite of the so called ” apartheid, 3 rd class citizens ” policies implemented in Malaysia.

    I have heard people the like of former AG who had migrated to UK but eventually return back to ” racist” Malaysia because he became nobody over there. Hannah , Tony and one or two Pakatan politicians were already working in other countries but eventually return back. What was the reason they migrate and why they return back?

    Maybe it is true of the Malay saying ” Hujan emas dinegeri orang, hujan batu dinegeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri.”

  3. It is alleged that one of the tropicalised brand new junior DAP leaders was a reject for PR in Australia. A good horse does not return to old pastures. By exploiting a deep vein of discontent, this rabble rouser in mufti has the work cut for a life-time. For example, the Chinese living outside of China except Malaysia, all speak English. But the DAP is different by putting up road signs, slogans in Government offices, or Government brochures in Chinese in a country which has a revered Constitution which stipulates clearly how Malaysia should be governed. If this is not creating distrust and direct conflict with others, what is ? I strongly stress all these are un-Chinese acts unbecoming of the Malaysian Chinese who are not loud mouthed but humble, honest, talented and hard-working for their families. What is constantly projected by the DAP reflects Western values emanating from their founder LKY ! The Malaysian Chinese have contributed immensely and have no notion of emigrating like these DAP types and will contribute more in the future. This is strictly for those who are not dreaming !

  4. Let the DAPs emigrate overseas. Good riddance bad rubbish ! Here are the true stories. A doctor who practised for a life-time in Vancouver, Canada settled down in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur on his retirement. Another doctor and his wife returned to Penang from Hong Kong in their old age. A Catholic teacher emigrated to the UK after 13 May 1969 but returned soon after because he could not stand the weather. I took the next plane home after my last exam paper. After 13 May 1969, I paid a visit to Australia. At that time, there were not many Chinese. There was only one Chinese club, Mandarin, owned by a Wong, in Sydney which was permitted to open till the early morning. On arrival at the Sydney Airport, the customs officer, a thin lady, gave my bag a thorough search and asked me a lot of awkward questions even though I told her that I was a professional educated at a UK university. After this experience, I had negative impression of Australia. I discovered many things were sold at rock bottom prices. Bankruptcy is the culture. Gambling of all kinds takes place 24 hours a day. I came to the conclusion that Australia was good only for steaks, oysters or girls any order you like, but do not do business there. On Fridays, the boys go out with the boys. The sheilas with the sheilas ! Fun and games have priority over work. And the country is controlled by big business, the church, universities, new europeans, jews, unions, politicians only. My Malaysian Chinese friend, a Cambridge University engineering graduate, worked for Australia;s top telco for a lifetime, he was in line to be made the Chief Executive. Instead, he was made an Adviser. All my Chinese friends in Australia had white hair by 40 years ! I was a clinical student in a London hospital. It happened I was under a New Zealander Registrar, Butcher for Obstetrics and Gynaecology for three months. From the first day to the last, he grilled me verbally every morning until I nearly collapsed. May be he did not like the sight of a chinaman examining naked English females. I swore I would never visit New Zealand. In January 1970, I visited Vancouver, Canada before the arrival of the Hong Kong and Taiwanese hordes. A pleasant place inhabited by nice people. I was offered a PR visa in one week. But I found the Government policies were socialistic which generated many taxes. I was in Singapore too. I found the Government ordered me to paint my condo block to a colour of their liking. Whenever I raised the rent, the assessment was raised accordingly. I found I could not win against the Singapore Government. I sold all and left. But the Singapore Government Civil Service is the best in the World which I verify. There is no better place than our beautiful beloved Malaysia, the best in the World. Let us not ‘soot ‘ourselves in the foot to the delight of jealous neighbours who forever trying to bring us down. This is strictly for those who are not dreaming !

  5. kak helen.. itu Hannah Yeoh mencadangkan kementerian kanak2 ditubuhkan… saya percaya kementerian kanak2 sangat penting.. berdosa besar kalau itu PM tidak mengikut saranan murni lagi bijak Hannah Yeoh DAP… hahahahahahah

  6. Why should the DAP tropicalised brand new christians leave our beautiful beloved Malaysia which is one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia ? Here is the reason . It’s the tax free money they get from their places of worship. Here are 2 true stories.

    1. My illiterate sister-in-law from Bentong, a hair-rinser in a Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur hair salon, formed her own income-tax free RM 2 incorporated church. She collected millions of ringgits which she invested in the Marble Arch area of London. Here she made millions of ringgits more. She died young and her daughter is now carrying on this successful income tax free business. I suppose these folks are the alternative to the qualified stress psychologists whose political counterparts are the tropicalised brand new christians of the DAP. Who said there is no opportunity to make good in Malaysia ? The DAP which is alleged to have a record of stirring up conflicts which are translated as stress by the ordinary person who run to these quaint places of worship and gave away their hard earned money to ease their mental suffering ? True ? Is stirring up trouble a big business industry in Malaysia ? A chicken and the egg affair ? May be this form of activity can only be conceived by the clever Chinese, from Laos ?

    2. My cousin, the Chief Abbess of a major temple, rides around in a chauffeur driven golden Mercedes S saloon..Who said there is no opportunity to make money in Malaysia ? The DAP ?

    This is strictly for those who are not dreasming

    1. Thank you for your inputs. I have been wondering for ages why there was no mass migration of the Malaysian Chinese the like of Vietnamese boat people or Rohingya/ Afghan refugees who escaped from their countries to seek greener pastures or avoid persecution in their countries. The way the Dap described Malaysia as an apartheid country that treat their non Malays as third class citizens that will resulted with mass exodus of its citizens. It didnt happen that way but instead more people outside Malaysia wanted to become a citizen of Malaysia.

  7. Has any one noticed that the DAP leaders have been talking rubbish and expected to get away with it due to their uppity arrogance, ignorance, insouciance and exclusiveness ? Here is just a short list of their verbal faux pas or actions which could be alleged to be promoting foreign interests as follows :-
    1. “There are no Malays, Chinese, Indians etc only Malaysians..’ .just to suit her predicament !
    2. “Parliamentary reforms……’. Demanded by a parliamentary loser What reforms to suit a loser ?
    3. Dato Sri Azmin Ali alleged in the Dewan Rakyat in October 2020 that the PH Cabinet approved the LKY inspired CPTPP, the Malaysia SME Killer in August 2018. Well ahead of the PH Manifesto promises !
    It is alleged that the DAP is not aware of the meaning of the words ” NATIONAL INTEREST.”

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