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No breathing space for Ismail Sabri

We hear about ‘Healing the Nation’ from the opposition because they’re hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong.

‘Healing the Nation’ is a cynical code word to press for their idea of a ‘ national unity government.

The politically correct framing of UG is camouflage for DAP’s comeback attempt to – HOPEfully – reinstall their fan favourite Chinese leaders in the upcoming BN-PN cabinet.

But PM9 is not biting.

Ismail Sabri’s olive branch does not extend nearly that far. His version of cooperating across parties is limited to an invitation to join the National Recovery Council (NRC) and the Special Committee on Covid.

No invitation forthcoming so far from Ismail Sabri to DAP to attend the (UG cabinet) shindig. UPDATE: DAP hopes are dashed — see latest news below.

Under Mahathir’s earlier proposed cross-party membership for the NRC, one DAP leader invited to sit on the bipartisan council is Hannah Yeoh. Let’s see if PM9 will take up PM7’s name list.

BELOW: Aside from Hannah, Mahathir also proposed Syed Saddiq for the NRC (Trivia: There are possibly up to five DAP Christian MPs in this photograph)

Reciprocal echoes from Malay establishment

So why do we also hear about ‘Healing the Nation’ from the government?

Laugh out loud! Because Malays take the path of least resistance … except for 1946 when they protested the Malayan Union.

Ismail Sabri yesterday introduced the ‘We are family’ theme of his administration.

‘Keluarga Malaysia’ is merely one of a piece with his predecessors. From Muhyiddin we got “Kita jaga kita”, from Najib ‘1Malaysia’, from Dollah Badawi “I’m PM for all Malaysians”.

And from Anwar “我们都是一家人(We’re all one family)”.

They’re all making the predictable politically correct noises about inclusivity, oneness and healing (bercakap dengan cara yang menyembuhkan).

BELOW: “I have no idea why Lim Guan Eng would remind the current prime minister to be a prime minister for all Malaysians” — Thayaparan, Malaysiakini columnist 

Asking Dapsters to talk nice

Taking its cue from the PM, Utusan also spoke today about healing.

Its op-ed titled ‘Proses “penyembuhan” negara bermula’ is penned by the digital newspaper’s editor Mohamad Azlan Jaafar.

Said Azlan: “Sejak Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14 (PRU14), kebanyakan kata-kata yang dihambur adalah pedas dan menyakitkan. Semua itu membawa kepada keadaan kita hari ini.”

In his opening paragraph, Azlan quoted Obama’s preach to Americans about “talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds”.

Well good luck to Azlan on his wishful thinking. An alternative Obama quote which I much prefer, however, is “Elections have consequences”.

Or how about when Obama said “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”. The American (former) president, in his 13 June 2008 quote, was referring to Republicans when he said ‘they’.

Azlan – who is editor with Kumpulan Media Mulia (publisher of Utusan) – also highlighted a most interesting factoid: “Jika diteliti, lebih 30 ahli parlimen yang menyokong Ismail Sabri adalah orang sama mengabsahkan kerajaan PH.”

Hahahahahahaha … one is reminded of the Biblical phrase “30 pieces of silver”.

And no, the DAP evangelicals will not be turning the other cheek either.

BELOW: Learn from the sifu on best way to catfight

Harapan dijual tapi ‘ubah’ tak mendatang

Ismail Sabri has 39 months behind him since GE14, and 21 months (remaining of the five-year electoral mandate) ahead of him before GE15.

Azlan summarized the ‘Malaysian Family’ peace offering in our new PM’s inaugural speech as “ini masa untuk berfikiran terbuka dan dada yang menerima, mencungkil persamaan dengan tidak lagi menggali perbezaan”.

Again paying lip service to finding commonality and minimizing differences, which in reality is a very tall order.

The online petition ‘We don’t want Ismail Sabri Yaakob to be prime minister Malaysia’ has collected 358,107 signatures.

The newly minted PM9 is facing more personal animosity stepping into office than PM5, PM6 and even PM8.

If cancer survivor Muhyiddin was slapped black and blue with the labels “kerajaan gagal”, “backdoor government” as well as nicknamed “cirit birit”, you don’t have to stretch your imagination to figure out the treatment awaiting his successor.


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  1. I am surprised the Oracle of Ipoh (LKY’s junior version) used the word ‘heal’ a very christian word often used effectively on disturbed and confused souls which are many in the flock. No more chauvinism, DAP ? No more DAP oldies ? Or is it ” The DAP forgets easily ! The MCA tries not to forget ! The UMNO never forgets ?” Looks like the leadership of the DAP has been psycho-ed by the tropicalised brand new christians who will not emigrate as long as they control the income-tax free RM 2 incorporated havens flushed with income-tax free money ! In other words, it is alleged it pays to create conflict as long as their havens are filled with mentally disturbed flocks every week paying their 2 sens worth to these DIY stress psychologists aka as DAP politicians in mufti who are ever ready to succour them with the right soothing words like ‘heal’. Is the junior Oracle of Ipoh trying out his bag of made in Singapore brand new christian tricks on us, the unsuspecting Malaysians ? Or ‘To heal thyself, O Oracle of Ipoh’. ( Old Testament. Chap IXX. Verse 9) . This is strictly for those who are not dreaming.

  2. It is utterly dangerous for the tropicalised brand new christians of DAP not only to mix politics with religion but also try to apply psychology tricks on others. One day this STRATEGY will back fire. I sincerely hope these folk just keep to their hallelujahs sessions and their income tax free money and do not try to conquer the World. with all sorts of funny tricks made in Singapore. Go home and keep your home fires burning ! This is strictly for those who are not dreaming.

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