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No night clubs, no gambling dens — PAS

PAS mencadangkan supaya dibentuk sebuah dasar ‘reset’ di mana pusat judi dan kelab malam akan ditutup pasca pandemik — lihat bawah.

Sounds like a good idea to me!

The “sifar pusat judi”,  “sifar kelab malam” phrasing by PAS reminds me of an earlier and memorable declaration by Hannah Yeoh (below) — “no Malays … no Indians … zero Chinese … all Malaysians”. 

How about “no gamblers … no drinkers … zero clubbers … all clean-living Malaysians”. Yay!

Apa kata Bangsa Malaysia? Sokong?


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5 thoughts on “No night clubs, no gambling dens — PAS

  1. By some people standard, it would be safe to say that all future Malaysia PM will be dumb PMs. Malaysia will not ever find a PM that is less dumb like Tunku and Tun Razak. More often than not Malaysians will have to settle for what it got. Smart people won’t have any interest in politics. We can also see now some cunning ones are still at it.

    We have many wakil-wakil Rakyat come to Parliament in a combating mode and not as distinguished members of society. We also have wakil-wakil Rakyat with foul mouth at every possible opportunity. And we have many dumb ones too. We have seen the functioning of the so claimed Malaysia Baru administration that were less dumb than the present and the immediate past administration which may have been the darling of the liberated Malaysia Baru preachers made up of tropicalised Evengelists that at the same time the largely traditional rural Malaysia felt left out. So it is not easy to balance and it cannot continue to be “we win you lose” way of doing things. There must be well balance.

    Let’s try and get it right this time and work against the divide. We have done it before and we can do it again. The smart wakil-wakil Rakyat can help bring positive ideas in Parliament and those dumb ones..please at least listen and act not for your parties but for the Rakyat.

  2. However, DAP will never agree to this will they? The Chinese taukes in charge of gambling dens and vast majority of nightclubs will go out of business and if that happens macam mana mau fund DAP lor? Mcm mana nak bayar gaji Red Bean Army? But of cuz, DAP will frame this issue as backwards Muslim party wanting to be holier-than-thou. The Malay parties do need high caliber leadership to frame issues as they are. For too long now DAP unfortunately have mastered and monopolizes framing issues to their benefit.

  3. Kudos to ‘buta tuli’ and ‘Henry.’ Well said. Much appreciated. I am a Constitutionalist never a Communalist since 1954. Our beloved Malaysia today requires a strong and refreshed UMNO to put things in order. 2 Plans are required, First, a Plan to raise RM 250-500 billion at minimum cost and second, a Plan to eradicate the Covid-19 virus. Since March 2020, no political party has declared any policy of note. Some jurassic oldies just warbled “reforms” for relevance sake. As a result, 222 aduns just kept quarrelling with each other to justify their existence and tax free allowances. In the mean time, we have 1,600,000 infected cases. 15,000 deaths, 70 dead pregnant women and 38+ orphans since March 2020. We should support our latest PM. ” Keluarga Malaysia. Tuntut Partisipasi Semua.” Our ‘Peace, Harmony, Prosperity’ is just a whisper away. How many Malaysians realise that Malaysia is one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. We should not ‘soot’ ourselves in the foot to the happiness and delight of our jealous neighbours ! This is not for those who are not dreaming !

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