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Why Rohingya coming to M’sia are not refugees

Update2: Explosions at Kabul airport kill more than a dozen American soldiers. At least 90 Afghans killed in the airport twin bombing

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European countries as well as Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan‘s neighbours don’t want a refugee influx from the Taliban-controlled state.

At the request of the Americans, however, Albania and Kosovo (two European countries that are Muslim) will temporarily host a small number of Afghan refugees en route to the USA.

USA allies Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain are also allowing Afghan evacuees to transit as their visas are being processed by the American authorities.

India is accepting refugees from Afghanistan who are Hindu or Sikh.

Pakistan is sheltering the most number of Afghans. Meanwhile Bangladesh is keeping its doors shut as they’re already overburdened with Rohingya.

Some countries like Turkey, Greece and Poland are building walls along their border to keep the fleeing Afghans out.

In his interview with Russia Today, former British MP George Galloway explains there are two categories of the Afghan exodus — the first who have a moral and possibly legal claim to asylum (because otherwise they’d be killed by the Taliban as traitors), and the second who will be treated by likely recipient countries as ordinary emigrants applying to stay.

The relevant portion of Galloway‘s discussion in RT starts from minute 10:30 — video below.

Galloway explains that the Afghan ‘refugees’ being absorbed – for example, some 20,000 of them by the UK – are those who fled the country for fear of reprisal by the Taliban due to their relationship (working for / collaborating) with the foreign occupiers, i.e. the American, British, Australian etc occupying forces.

Galloway said: “You’re not a refugee just because you’re Afghan and your country is now run by an unpleasant government”.

“Anyone wanting to leave an unpleasantly governed country but who is not a specific refugee will have to become a migrant — someone who is applying to emigrate to another country,” he said.

“These two things have to be kept separate,” Galloway added.

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Who is GG?

George Galloway is a pro-Muslim politician. He was married to second wife Dr Amineh Abu-Zayyad (m. 2000–2009) who is Palestine-born. They’ve since divorced.

His third wife (separated) is Rima Husseini, a Lebanese and his fourth wife is Putri Gayatri Pertiwi, an Indonesian Dutch.

Galloway married his wives No.2 – 4 in Muslim marriage ceremonies. He is also a well-known activist for Palestinian human rights (see 2010 news report below).

Applying Galloway’s rationale to the Rohingya

You’re not a refugee just because you’re Rohingya and your country is now run by an unpleasant government.

Moreover the military junta running Myanmar is treating the Buddhists and Bamar ethnic majority (who are supporters of Aung Sang Suu Kyi) just as badly as they treated the Muslim minority in Rakhine.

More than a thousand Burmese who protested the Tatmadaw takeover – especially in bloody street demos in the cities (Yangon and Mandalay) – have been killed since the army generals deposed ASSK in their February coup.


More M’sians die on our roads than are Rohingya killed by Tatmadaw — read HERE

Rohingya sailing from the refugee camps located in Bangladesh and making their way by human trafficking boat to Malaysia are really economic migrants.

Settlements in Cox’s Bazar are already safe havens for the Rohingya. They are not in any danger of their lives there on Bangladeshi soil among their Bengali brethren.

Furthermore, in order to reach Malaysia, the Rohingya pass through Thailand or Indonesia (Aceh) but they’re not choosing to remain in either of the two countries. Instead they’re adamant that their end destination must be our country.

Malaysia is not wrong to block the illegal entry by Rohingya.

At this moment, the world is suffering from compassion fatigue and giving a cold reception to real refugees (like the desperate Afghans), much less to economic migrants.


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  1. I was a refugee once and was machine-gunned from the air and bombed twice by Mitsubishi Betty bombers. I certainly know what fear was like under these circumstances. I sympathise with all refugees of the World
    I used to study Classical Cantonese, English, Latin,, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu and spoke Urdu, Hindi and Anglo Indian English. I am still a Chinaman.
    From the above reasons alone, I always produce facts to rebut the non-Malay politicians who were hypocritical, selfish and divisive in this Land of Peace, Harmony, Prosperity which is our beloved Malaysia. Hence I always encourage all to build and not destroy. Vide Afghanistan. This is strictly not for those who are not dreaming !

    1. I was a refugee once. The Hindus, the Muslims, the Parsees and the Anglo-Indians were kind and hospitable to us. This I will never forget. I sympathise with all the refugees of the World. Hence, I am always against political troublemakers of this wonderful country.

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