So, was Mahathir right after all?

Ismail Sabri addressed the UN yesterday and devoted roughly three-and-a-half minutes of his speech to championing the plight of the Palestinians.

Harapan’s non Malays here at home rolled their eyes – see Malaysiakini tweet below – and bitched the same old, same old complaints they’ve been venting the past 50 years. Continue reading “So, was Mahathir right after all?”

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Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army

Aukus is the nuclear security pact between Australia, the UK and the US.

The countries in this new tripartite defence grouping are far apart in geographical distance and even located in three separate continents — Oz in Oceania, UK in Europe and US in North America.

What they have in common, however, is the English language — making them collectively the ‘Anglophone’ countries. Continue reading “Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army”

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Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?

Rational people form their opinions based on facts. Irrational people hold misinformed opinions from swallowing too much propaganda.

The belief by many Harapan supporters that they successfully formed the most multiracial coalition which Malaysia has ever seen is just plain wrong. Continue reading “Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?”

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USA abandoned American in Kabul with her disabled puppy and 130 dogs

A Tennessee woman who owns an animal rescue center in Kabul was not allowed passage home by the Department of Defense because she carried a disabled puppy in her arms — one of 130 animals she was ordered to leave behind in the final days of airlifts.

Charlotte Maxwell-Jones refused to board the plane without her puppy on Monday, so the military ordered her to leave and turn loose 130 crated dogs …

Continue reading the story @ Washington Examiner