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Loyal dogs not a priority with Biden administration

Nothing is a priority with the Democrats except grabbing and holding on to power.


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A spokesman for America’s Department of Defence (DoD) dismissed concerns about the fate of military working dogs likely left behind in Afghanistan.

DoD’s Eric Pahon was quoted yesterday as saying their “priority mission was the evacuation of U.S. citizens, SIV and vulnerable Afghans”. Not animals.

BELOW: Did these pets make it safely out of Kabul?

Dysfunctional Dems of Biden‘s America

Really sad and heartless. They screwed up on all fronts.

Democrats in the White House and Pentagon have failed the stranded Americans bigly, failed their Afghan allies, and failed pet cats and working dogs in Afghanistan.

One, Americans stranded in Afghanistan

There have been warnings that after the Taliban’s Aug 31 deadline for American troop withdrawal, any USA citizens still left in the country are considered as being “behind enemy lines”.

They could be held hostage like those embassy Americans in Tehran after the Iranian revolution. It is looking to be a fubar similar to the 1979 debacle by another weak Democrat past president, Jimmy Carter.

BELOW: White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki declared no Americans were stranded. L- I- A- R! Psaki’s widely watched video @ Newsweek

Two, SIVs abandoned in Afghanistan

SIVs are Special Immigrant Visas and not to be confused with SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles).

Meanwhile MWVs are Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles – and also armoured cars in Taliban hands courtesy of Biden – not to be confused with a close acronym MWDs referring to Military Working Dogs belonging to the fled Americans.

Biden’s DoD abandoned more than 3,000 high mobility MWVs, i.e. the Humvee, as early Christmas presents for the Taliban.

As for the canine MWDs, one worries.

About the SIVs, Biden clearly abandoned a number of the visa holders too. (Note: SIV is given to Afghans previously working for the Americans in order to fast track their emigration to the USA.)

Ahmad Naser, who had previously served as a translator with the American forces, was on his way to the airport yesterday when his car was (mis)targeted in a drone strike.

When the Pentagon is not killing their own allies through friendly fire, they’re still turning away those other allied Afghans desperate to leave the country.

Three, were the army dogs evacuated?

The small dogs and cats waiting to be evacuated largely belonged to American embassy staff and independent defence contractors.

Pets under the care of Kabul Small Animal Rescue are to be differentiated from the MWDs.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby (above) for example was asked about civilian casualties — ten members of an extended family, which included six Afghani children, who were killed in Sunday’s drone strike.

He equivocated.

Kirby’s response: “We are investigating and assessing …”

Now about the dogs. Kirby clarified that the small animals in crates – seen in the viral photo from Kabul airport circulating in social media – were not MWDs.

But more tellingly, however, he has yet to provide any assurance that no American army dog has been left behind.


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4 thoughts on “Loyal dogs not a priority with Biden administration

  1. Biden turned out to be disorganised, tired looking and confused. He personally attended the meeting with the UK and the EU at Dartmouth, England. But he sent Vice-President Harris to South East Asia to visit only 2 countries for 5 days. One country is tiny and now struggling with the socio-economics. The United States announced in Singapore that her interest in Asia is still her top priority whilst the Afghanistan evacuation debacle was unfolding. Believe it or not ! In 1982, A History Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge told me that the fall of Rome was not because of the Barbarians at the gate but the huge number of foreigners within it ! After I asked him why there were so many foreigners in Britain in 1982 ! Now, in the UK and the US, I observed that the Indians have replaced the Jews in many fields of endeavour. A very interesting development in demographics. In Singapore, a Racial Harmony Bill is proposed in the squeaky clean land of meritocracy which no other country in the World believes in ! Is Goh Chok Tong still crediting himself (not LKY) for bringing in the FTs from India in 1992 after the recent serial incidents ?

  2. How many Malaysians have noticed that America became great through wars ? From the War of Independence, the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish War, World War I, World War II, Cold War 1948-1989, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War I, Iraq War II, to Afghanistan 2001-2021. From the 1950s when the Cold War 1948-1989 was building up to a crescendo with the Russian attempt to place missiles in Cuba in 1962, President Eisenhower, a former Army General, and his Administration thought a political-industrial-military complex would be the answer to create a powerful and efficient war machine to counter the authoritarianism of the Soviets. This war machine extended America’s reach to all corners of the Earth. From then on, the Americans began to build their strength from stockpiling all sorts of items like oil, condoms, tin, rubber, copper, iron ore, etc via the GSA or General Services Administration which also functioned as a market speculator in keeping prices low by dumping. If not for the negative actions of the GSA, Malaysia would be 10 times richer today! Therefore, America without Wars will be on a downward trend. Her proposed tussle with China is the first of its kind for America. The jury is still out on this tussle with a 5,000 year old giant !

  3. When I was a young boy, my view of the Americans were quite different. Even though I began school life in an American Mission school, my only contact with them was the American Principal and the box of crayons made in America. Suddenly, I was thrust into the armed might of America after my family found refuge in wartime India in World War II – the China-Burma-India Theatre or CBI. My first encounter with things American were the Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Buck Rogers, or Captain America comics which caught my eye living in New Delhi. American planes, the B-25 Mitchell, Republic Commandos, Liberator bombers would fly low over our house as these made the landing approach towards the Pajam airport, day and night. Only in recent years as I reminisced about the past did I realise the Power of the United States. Then, New Delhi had more Americans than Indians ! With the passing of the years, my image of the Yanks as heroes began to wane especially after the Vietnam War. From then on, I took a more sanguine view of the World as I grew older. May be we are now seeing the decline of the military might of America like what the Romans did in 200-300 AD.

    1. i think america contribution to peace is more than any other countries. ww1 and 2 ignotion has nothing to do with american, in fact the world is more peaceful when world have only one superpower that power is restricted by congress, indirectly by americans.

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