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M’sia unracist only between May 2018 – Feb 2020

‘The non-Malay dilemma 64 years after independence’ was the headline of Malaysiakini‘s top story yesterday morning.

It featured an interview with businessman activist Chandran Nair by Malaysiakini contributing writer RK Anand.

Chandran was introduced to readers of the portal as somebody who has plans to establish something called the Malaysian Anti-Racism Institute (MARI).

The story has garnered more than 380 comments from Malaysiakini subscribers to date.

Chandran – pix below – told Malaysiakini that “events of the last two years have shown us that racism is what runs through the corridors of our entire political system”.

The “events of the last two years“ – cited but not specified by Chandran above – would largely cover the 17-and-a-1/2 months of Muhyiddin’s tenure as PM8 and before that, the period leading up to the Sheraton Move.

So Chandran and his Malaysiakini audience think the backroom manoeuvre to establish a Malay government in February 2020 was a “racist” move.

In his Malaysiakini interview, Chandran characterizes our present political circumstances as “the era of Malay supremacy” where the Nons are being subjected to “racist policies”.

According to Chandran, non Malays are existing in a system of “structural inequalities” where the beneficiaries of this racially unequal system are “institutionalising racism and normalising it”.

“Institutional racism is at the heart of the system,” he asserted.

Chandran added also: “We have reached a point that the system has now installed a prime minister who is regarded as a racist with a track record to prove it”.

Within the Malaysiakini fish bowl, PM9 Ismail Sabri is “regarded as a racist” (to quote Chandran), Muhyiddin the Malay firster too is understood to be racist and likewise the “system”.

So is Mahathir racist as well? Err, it depends whom he is pictured with.

BELOW: What dilemma? Mahathir is no racist

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Chandran claimed: “No other majority in any country has been as successful [as Malays in Malaysia] in institutionalising racism into all aspects of life.”

So the Nons fault the Malays and the latter’s leadership comprising Ismail Sabri, Muhyiddin, Najib and his late father Tun Razak for overseeing the march of institutionalised racism.

So why in the world then did the Nons decide to reinstall Mahathir as PM 2.0 and whom they voted most enthusiastically for?

Is Mahathir 1.0 spared from blame for the original sin of racism which Chandran and his fellow Malaysiakinians continuously whinge about?

Mahathir was chairman of Harapan and under his watch, the coalition absorbed many Umno frogs. Nonetheless Dapsters did not complain about any Putrajaya ‘racism’ in the Golden Age that lasted from May 2018 to February 2020.

BELOW: One of the quintessential moments when Mahathir stopped being racist

Chandran observed to Malaysiakini, moreover, that the non Malays have been so resilient as to “endure discrimination for almost half a century and continue to remain loyal citizens as well as key contributors to the country”.

A span of “half a century” ago – referred to by Chandran here – takes us back to 1971 which is around the time Tunku relinquished power as PM1.

So Chandran and his cheerleaders do not think that Tunku’s Malaysia was racist but that the racism started with PM2 Tun Razak. Okay, got’it.

So Malaysia was racist pre 2018 with the brief exception of Tunku’s time. And our country reverted once again to racism post 2020 when Muhyiddin seized the premiership.

BELOW: Nah, whoever said Mahathir is racist? Not them certainly

Of the past half a century from 1971 and the introduction of NEP, Mahathir has twice been the Number One man in charge. He clocked a total of 24 years (22 years + 22 months), meaning that for half of the entire duration that Malaysia is considered “racist”, Mahathir was serving as PM.

But as we know, Dapsters believe in Born Again-ism, so whatever ‘racist’ sins Mahathir was tainted with became miraculously cleansed the minute he stepped into the light — greeted by the clean and pure DAP seraphim and cherubim.

The minute he returned to the Dark Side (Sheraton), Mahathir became a bad racist again. Nonetheless if Mahathir should decide to support DAP in GE15, then rest assured he will immediately be seen as regood and unracist.

It was only during the bubble-wrapped, most special 22 months of Harapan governance that the Nons ceased complaining, albeit temporarily, about racism.

BELOW: DAP must be confused as to why Mahathir viewed Malaysian Chinese as akin to predatory Jews in his seminal book ‘The Malay Dilemna’  

Chinese stats — Comparison between Mahathir 1.0 and Mahathir 2.0

The constant element in the equation is Mahathir as PM; the variable element is the Chinese (MCA in 1999, DAP in 2018) sidekick in his administration.

Mahathir led BN into the 1999 election. GE10 was his final term as the coalition chairman.

Mahathir later led Harapan into the 2018 election. In GE14, he was the opposition coalition’s new chairman supplanting Anwar who had led Pakatan Rakyat in GE12 and GE13.

In 1999, there were 193 seats in parliament. This GE10 Dewan had 48 BN Chinese MPs — see name list in full at the bottom of this page.

Which means Chinese MPs on the BN government bench comprised 24.9 percent of the GE10 Dewan.

In 2018, there were 222 seats in parliament. This GE14 Dewan had 46 Harapan Chinese MPs — name list in full HERE.

Which means Chinese MPs on the Harapan government bench comprised 20.7 percent of the GE14 Dewan.

To round up the aforementioned percentages, Chinese MP strength as ruling party reps was 25 percent (one quarter) during Mahathir 1.0 versus a strength of 21 percent (one fifth) during Mahathir 2.0.

Never mind that Chinese representation in government was actually stronger during Mathathir 1.0-BN than it was during Mathathir 2.0-Harapan (contrary to popular Dapster gospel).

The only thing that really matters is 2.0 is DAP is good (good doggy, lil’ chihuahua) whereas 1.0 is MCA is bad “running dog”.

Hannah Yeoh had her paws on Mahathir’s chair despite that the MP beside her was Covid positive

BN had peak Chinese support of 48% in 1999

On another point, how much Chinese electoral support did BN require to earn its one quarter strength of Chinese government MPs in 1999 versus how much Chinese electoral support did Harapan get to merit its one fifth Chinese MPs in the 2018 government?

In the 1999 general election, it was estimated that in the heavily Chinese-majority seats, 48 percent of the electorate there voted BN — see table below, highlighted bar in red.

In the 2018 general election, it was estimated that 95 percent of the Chinese electorate voted Harapan.

Data in the table above is cribbed from analysis done by academic Francis Loh whose review of the 1999 / 2004 election results can be found in the Aliran Monthly issue 2004:3

MCA was the leading party representing the Chinese in the Mahathir 1.0 administration while DAP was the leading party representing the Chinese in the Mahathir 2.0 administration.

For context, the PM’s party Umno had 73 Malay MPs in the BN government of 1999 while the PM’s party Bersatu had a mere 13 Malay MPs in the Harapan government of 2018.

Their sizes relative to each other: Mahathir 1.0 had a big Umno backing in relation to MCA (a party of 28 MPs).

On the other hand, Mahathir 2.0 had only a small Bersatu backing in relation to the DAP (a party of 42 MPs). And this is the magic formula that made Malaysia unracist from May 2018 to February 2020.

Going into GE15, it seems that the purported racism of the Malay establishment will still be a neverending election issue for the non-Malay voters who believe that Malaysia has been a racist country since the 1970s, and resumed being a racist country again beginning March 2020.

BN Chinese Members of Parliament 1999


  1. Chan Kong Choy
  2. Chang See Ten
  3. Chew Mei Fun
  4. Chor Chee Heung
  5. Chua Jui Meng
  6. Donald Lim Siang Chai
  7. Fong Chan Onn
  8. Fu Ah Kiow
  9. Goh Siow Huat
  10. Hew See Tong
  11. Ho Cheong Sing
  12. Hon Choon Kim
  13. Hoo Seong Chang
  14. Kong Cho Ha
  15. Lim Bee Kau
  16. Lim Si Cheng
  17. Ling Liong Sik
  18. Liow Tiong Lai
  19. Loke Yuen Yow
  20. Ng Yen Yen
  21. Ong Ka Ting
  22. Ong Tee Keat
  23. Tan Chai Ho
  24. Tan Yee Kew
  25. Thong Fah Chong
  26. Ting Chew Peh
  27. Wong Kam Hoong
  28. Yap Pian Hon


  1. Chia Kwang Chye
  2. Kerk Choo Ting
  3. Lee Kah Choon
  4. Lim Keng Yaik
  5. Mah Siew Keong
  6. Ng Lip Yong
  7. Tan Kee Kwong


  1. Law Hieng Ding
  2. Peter Chin Fah Kui
  3. Robert Lau Hoi Chew
  4. Song See Guan
  5. Tiong Thai King
  6. Yong Khoon Seng

Sabah Progressive Party

  1. Liew Teck Chan
  2. Shim Paw Fatt
  3. Yong Teck Lee

Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (1) — Tiong King Sing

Parti Bersatu Sabah (1) — Yee Moh Chai

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (1) — Jimmy Donald Lim

Liberal Democratic Party (1) — Lau Ngan Siew


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4 thoughts on “M’sia unracist only between May 2018 – Feb 2020

  1. The issues pertaining to the 14th GE were abnormal which were never experienced in the past GEs since 1957. The MCA got hit because of its partnership in the BN. Then, the tropicalised brand new christians did not rear their heads like now. So the 95% Chinese voted for these Chinese looking like Chinese on the outside but absolutely non-Chinese inside. Strangely, the MCA had always treated the DAP with velvet gloves. May be the MCA’s The Star is in business partnership via the Media business of the Singapore Government since 2004 as arranged by their socialite Chief Editor. Likewise, it is alleged the MCA leaders had financial interests in Singapore. Since the early days, I have always noticed the MCA always missed hitting LKY and the DAP target. With all this in mind, anyone interested in Malaysian Politics should study the revered Constitution as safeguarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. This instrument was crafted in 1957 after the abortive Malayan Union 1945 and the Partition of India 1947. Vide. Freedom at Midnight. from the British first hand experience and the on-going Counter -Insurgency War 1948-1992. In black and white, the majority rules. Hence, I always encouraged Malay Unity for the smooth Administration of our beloved Malaysia. It is high time the DAP elected leaders bare their chests/bosoms to show that they are really Chinese to their constituents at the next GE and prove that they are not foreign robots. So far, the DAP could not produce a list of their golden deeds in the Harapan’s alleged Golden Age but only the revelation by YB Dato Seri Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat in October 2020 that the DAP dominated PH Cabinet approved , the LKY inspired CPTPP (without the US mart) aka TPPA in August 2018 well before their PH Manifesto promises. Did the Malaysian Chinese 95% of them vote in the DAP (Chinese) to ……… their rice bowl and impoverished them with the death of the SMEs in favour of Singapore in the 14th GE ? The result of the votes of these 95% Malaysian Chinese has brought about earth shattering events since February 2020. Without remorse or regrets, the DAP leaders want a second chance to bungle again by the wrong priorities ? Bring back the MCA ? It is time for the Malay based incumbent Governments to appoint fresh, talented and honest (words and deeds) Chinese from the 6 million Chinese as Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, GLC executives etc and by-pass the Middlemen Communal Parties like the MCA and the DAP which have out-lived their usefulness and become obstacles to Unity as created by their founders. Let the Chinese vote for the Malays who may represent the Chinese better. If the British in Hong Kong and Singapore could rule the Chinese better than the Chinese themselves, why not the Malays ? The revered Constitution foretells. Ask the non-Malay Leaders who agreed and crafted it in 1957. Did they arrange the ‘consensus by verbal agreement as a sop ?’ Anything else without a majority say-so is troublemaking of the 1st Degree as embodied in the spirit of the Constitution !. Hence, no one is above the rule of the Laws. The present antics of the DAP have left the Chinese stranded without a credible political leadership. In fact, the DAP has been outsmarted by those who worked within the precepts of the Constitution whilst it is alleged the DAP worked outside it with the LKY concocted “Malaysia for Malaysians” since 1966. Even the DAP has run out of fresh faces in a non-professional profession like Malaysian Politics ! This is strictly not for those who are not dreaming !

  2. In June 2018, I attempted to meet the 4 leaders of the DAP. None of them responded. At that time, I could see the DAP was up a greasy pole of no return if they continued with their maverick politics in this Malaysian political environment. I wanted to alert them to be politically agile, responsive and humble. And most importantly, they should veer towards the Constitution to represent not only the Chinese but all Malaysians. With their purported squeaky clean background, the DAP would have become a major political party and not given to sneaky moves or snide comments. To my disappointment, there was complete silence and no humility in victory ( Christians ?). Exclusivity was the word. The rest is history. Working on their old themes, the DAP is now lost in the fast moving pace of Malaysian Politics and have reverted back to ‘I say so’ type of comments to make themselves noticed and relevant. What a waste of time and effort since 1966 ! This is strictly not for those who are not dreaming.

  3. If our beloved Malaysia is not a wonderful country with wonderful and civilised peoples, the human resources, and bountiful natural resources full of potential, I would not have bothered making a single comment today or in the past. It is because I have visited many countries like the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, India, Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, China, Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Bali, I found that comparatively Malaysia has the greatest potential to be a country like Switzerland. a confederation which took 800 years to perfect and it is still an on-going process. It was only since 2004 that the glaring fault lines of mismanagement reared its ugly head when the attempts by the jealous parties made the first break through our guard in the National Interest with the assistance of compromised parties ! At one fell swoop, our beloved Malaysia lost not only the Pulau Batu Puteh which Malaysia owned for hundreds of years before the founding of Singapore in 1819 but also all the KTM assets, the lands and steel rails in Singapore which ended up as 1/2 a building in downtown Singapore ! In the face of such National Loss, a book was published by the legal eagles of Singapore to tell the World how smart they were in comparison to the Malaysians ! But Humankind proposes. God disposes ! In 2020, the Covid-19 virus wiped out Lee Kuan Yew’s Model to safeguard Singapore’s future based on exactly the same core economic activities which the Covid-19 virus wiped out ie. tourism, SIA, transport, Changi, hotels, malls, retail shops, restaurants, finance, FTs conflict , luxury life-style etc. The rocks, the KTM assets, the ego of World’s best Singapore, etc have no more meaning or value for Singapore today. Hence, it was surprising to me that the DAP despite what happened in their homeland, still does not recognise the fact that the DAP has to change or conform to the realities of present the day Malaysia ! Singapore with the recent events of legal suits between siblings, Malaysian enriched Singaporean Ministers parachuted into the Cabinet via the PMO, the wise ex-DPM, FTs conflicts, lingering Covid-19 virus, etc , has lost its squeaky clean and meritocratic pukka image long long ago. The fact is no one practices meritocracy in this World least of all the DAP which allegedly claimed it does not practise nepotism in a Malaysian profession which does not require a licence or a profession . Vide the Dewan Negara ! The Chinese in our beloved Malaysia have no dilemma but the DAP We only want security, jobs, justice, education for the kids, potential for improvement etc. By allegedly creating constant conflicts, is the DAP benefitting the 6 million Chinese which always live in Peace, Harmony and Prosperity like all Chinese around the whole World without exception ? Vide. TDM !

  4. not unracist, it was a less racist ph government, however on the ground, umno and pas people become very racial.

    my colleague, a director, who leave a japs co finally, said, its their company.

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