Oxymoron: Cina DAP anti-racist (konon) tapi endorsed Mahathir

ROTFL … Mahathir’s 2.0 Harapan cabinet had fewer Chinese ministers than his 1.0 BN cabinet.

This was even though the level of Chinese voter support for Harapan in 2018 was more than double their electoral support for BN in 1999.

Mahathir BN cabinet 1999

Chinese Ministers and their portfolios:

  1. Ling Liong Sik — Transport
  2. Chua Jui Meng — Health
  3. Ong Ka Ting — Housing & Local Govt
  4. Fong Chan Onn — Human Resources
  5. Law Hieng Ding — Sc, Tech & Environment
  6. Lim Keng Yaik — Primary Industries

Chinese Deputy Ministers and their portfolios:

  1. Chan Kong Choy — Finance
  2. Kerk Choo Ting — MITI
  3. Han Choon Kim — Education
  4. Tan Kee Kwong — Land & Co-op Devp
  5. Fu Ah Kiow — Culture, Arts & Tourism
  6. Peter Chin — Housing & Local Govt
  7. Tan Chai Ho — Energy, Water & Comm
  8. Ong Tee Keat — Youth & Sports

Mahathir Harapan cabinet 2018

Chinese Ministers and their portfolios:

  1. Lim Guan Eng — Finance
  2. Anthony Loke — Transport
  3. Yeo Bee Yin — Energy, Sc, Tech, Environment & Climate Change
  4. Teresa Kok — Primary Industries
  5. Liew Vui Keong — Law

Chinese Deputy Ministers and their portfolios:

  1. Lee Boon Chye — Health
  2. Sim Tze Sin — Agriculture
  3. Liew Chin Tong — Defence
  4. Hannah Yeoh — Women & Family
  5. Steven Sim — Youth & Sports
  6. Ong Kian Ming — MITI
  7. Teo Nie Ching — Education
  8. Chong Chieng Jen — Domestic Trade

Dapsters might try to counter argue … but DAP was given the Finance Ministry!

Well, the Finance Minister “had no power,” said Mahathir describing how as PM he largely neutered Guan Eng’s role (see below).

Then there was also Azmin Ali’s duplicating role as Minister of Economic Affairs. And Daim Zainuddin lurking in the Council of Eminent Persons.

Guan Eng was just a “castrated” FM much like his “eunuch” party became not only Mahathir’s running dog but a lapdog of the chihuahua breed.

DAP leaders were assiduously licking Mahathir’s feet and their Cina DAP fan boys sucking his aged toes. The party base were onboard with this worshipful arrangement.

So how dare Chinese complain about ‘racism’ in the country when they had willingly prostrated themselves (and some still doing so even now) despite the 1999 lesson of Suqiu?


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2 thoughts on “Oxymoron: Cina DAP anti-racist (konon) tapi endorsed Mahathir

  1. from a chinese pov its understandable, mca is useless no matter how many minister they have, not solely because they are chinese, mca is very corrupted, this has become a mca culture.

  2. HA. When the Oracle of Ipoh (LKY’s junior version) was alleged to have uttered, ” The Government has passed the 1st Test. Let us wait for the 2nd Test.” Is it an oxymoronic comment ? Even though the DAP crew failed the Putrajaya Test 2018-2020 completely !

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