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And that’s the end of that

Prediction: The Gender Studies undergraduate and master courses in Kabul University for Afghan girls will, very soon, be coming to an abrupt end.

BELOW: Photo from Tehran in Nov 2013. The Iranian girls have the words “Down with USA’ scribbled on their palm

The USA have been exporting their dysfunction to the rest of the world and some oxymoronic easterners have been gulping down the kool aid.

For example, when American gymnast Simone Biles got a bronze (her only individual medal) in Tokyo, the Washington Post proclaimed that she had just “won” the Olympics.

When USA troops evacuated from Afghanistan, Joe Biden declared their disgraceful disarray when departing as an “extraordinary success”. And Fake News media like CNN continue to gaslight the American public.

Some people – the Dems, the Dapsters – are willing consumers of disinformation and dysfunctional mores, while at the same time believing themselves to be the smartest and most morally upright group of people in their country.


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