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PAS succeeds in getting ants into pants

Or to use another metaphor — throwing a cat among the pigeons.

PAS cabinet ministers, as Ismail Sabri’s religious tzars, want their new law enacted because they don’t wish for Muslims to be evangelized by preachers.

Who will such a law “to restrict the propagation of non-Muslim religions” (see The Star news report yesterday, above) affect the most?

In Malaysia, it is illegal to preach any faith other than Islam to Muslims.

So this newly proposed law by PAS then begs the question:

Are Buddhist preachers preaching Buddhism to the Malays?

Are Hindu preachers preaching Hinduism to the Malays?

Are Sikh preachers preaching Sikhism to the Malays?

Are Taoist preachers preaching Taoism to the Malays?

Err, the Christians?

To conclude with another metaphor — Pink elephant in the room.



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3 thoughts on “PAS succeeds in getting ants into pants

  1. if we purely look at number, it seem the only religion that have fantastic growth is islam. the conclusion is pas main politic and look for a phantom enemy when they know well the demographic and law is already on their side.

    i finally get my pfizer vaccination at maiwp ppv, my wife thank allah again and again, she always say allah is powerful bec her colleague that go for hajj often kumpul all the wishes and doa for everyone, foc, and many wishes did come true. though my wife, a so called buddhist, thought process wrt islam/god is very chinese, but thats how people feel gratitude toward something that come with magnanimous and good will.

  2. Finally, the self-promoting activities of the DAP in the PH Government have been exposed further as alleged by the PAS Penang Chief who allegedly revealed that Yeo who was the Minister of the Environment had a hand in the PH Government ‘environmental’ approval of the massive 3 islands reclamation South of Pulau Pinang which has been rejected. No wonder the promises in the PH Manifesto were not fulfilled. No wonder only this and the LKY inspired CPTPP (without the US mart) aka TPPA – the Malaysia SME killer were approved as revealed by YB Dato Seri Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat in October 2020. Surprisingly, the DAP leaders always sought transparency in the dealings of their political rivals. But when this responsibility fell upon them, these exclusive pols behaved as though nothing happened. They have not learnt that it is impossible to hide anything in a small country. No wonder the DAP found it difficult to dispel the common notion about them by others. For every action by the DAP, an equal reaction. Therefore, we must be aware of the two-sided face of a DAP proposal or what is really behind the DAP facade ? And the constant calls for ‘reforms’ by the DAP. What reforms in 2021 ? The Constitution was written in 1957. Alleged media reported the DAP does not mind having the Deputy Speaker’s job. How low can you go, old Jo ?

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