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‘Diversity’ and ’inclusion’ are the woke WMDs

Colin Brazier, host of The Viewpoint – a programme on GB News which is a TV channel launched June this year in the UK – explained how woke is really just plain drivel (see below clip uploaded three days ago).

Related is a Sept 9 column by British media personality Piers Morgan who recently brushed against his country’s vindictive woke royals, i.e. Prince Harry and his Hollywood wife Meghan.

See Piers Morgan’s article, ‘The woke destruction of a great educator should terrify every one of us’ published in The Daily Mail. 

And across the pond 

Three weeks ago, former President Donald Trump had told a rally in Alabama: “Everything woke turns to shit”.

Then last Wednesday in a sit-down interview with Fox News, Trump doubled down on his comment against wokeism, saying how the hyper partisan political correctness was screwing up their country — video below.

By mid-2020, Trump had already realised that his woke son-in-law Jared Kushner was costing him.

Serves Trump right for throwing over his 2016 campaign manager Steve Bannon in order to coddle his sissy SiL and Ivanka.

Trump’s fervent supporters are the Bannon crowd, not the wokeists channeling Jared to undermine the MAGA agenda from the inside.


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3 thoughts on “‘Diversity’ and ’inclusion’ are the woke WMDs

  1. How many Malaysians noticed that the United States and Britain seemed to rely on migrants from the sub-continent to perform the most important tasks at hand ? In the US, the Secretary of Defence bungled big time. No one dared to point a finger at him being an Afro-American. I suppose for ethnic reasons. If you turn on the TV these days or the Western channels, the chances of seeing a non-Anglo-Saxon face are dim. Even in academia, many important professorial posts are not in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons or the Jews unlike 50 years ago. Even the post of the Director General of Health, US, is occupied by a non-Anglo-Saxon. Recently, I asked a Jewish friend who is British,” Where have all the Jews gone ? Have they all gone to London to see the Queen ?” He could not come up with an answer. For the edification of all. a top scientific adviser to the British Government, Professor Dr Lim Wei Shen, is a Chinese. The British girl , Emma Raducanu, who won a Grand Slam in tennis in New York for Britain after a 44 years wait, has a Chinese mother and a Romanian father. The Queen personally congratulated her. The British Olympic Pentathlon gold medallist is Joe Choong whose father, a Malaysian doctor from Seremban married to an English lady doctor. Like Emma, Joe was the toast of Britain for his iconic achievement in Tokyo ! Not only that, the late Malaysian Minister, Khaw Kai Boh’s son, a World expert in paediatric ophthalmology surgery was knighted by the Queen over 10 years ago. His honorary accolades from the most famous universities of the World filled two A4 pages.. His sister is the Professor of Geriatrics, University of Cambridge. All of Khaw Khai Boh’s children are
    brilliant as well. To my knowledge, there are many more top academics from Malaysia working overseas. The best from the World have always gravitated to the US or Britain. In my time, an Egyptian surgeon, Mansour, was the most famous heart surgeon in London.. DAP how low can you go ?

  2. My humble apologies. I left out Alex Yee a famous British triathlon athlete who won a Silver Medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Years ago he suffered a serious accident in Cagliari, Italy and was not supposed to compete again. His father is Chinese whilst his mother an English lady who once said.’ It takes a village to raise a triathlon athlete.’ He also did Britain proud. Unlike the DAP, the only recalcitrant group of Chinese in the World, the rest of the Chinese live normally, peacefully and contribute in full measure to the countries in which they were born without exception like the 95+% of the Chinese in Malaysia !. One day, a socio-anthropological study with a political bias should be published about the DAP, created by Lee Kuan Yew who merits another study, “Genius or Failure of Genius ?”

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