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Cross dressing

The VMAs (Video Music Awards) is an annual event hosted on the MTV cable channel.

This year’s VMA was held on Monday (Sept 13) and caused a stir when age-defying popstar Madonna opened the show.

The 63-year-old singer stepped out on stage in a trench coat, which she soon disrobed to reveal her black-colour thong. This risqué snap is now viral on social media.

Madonna’s fashion sense is enduringly controversial. Forty years ago she was a trendsetter. Today?

Madonna celebrated her 63rd birthday last month with a cross-shaped cake reminiscent of the bejewelled regalia of Christian holy roman emperors — below.

Madonna is also seen wearing a cross necklace in the birthday snapshot shared with her fans on Instagram.

The cross has always been Madonna’s fashion accessory and featured in her most iconic pictures.

A young Madonna in pin-up poster pose (above) and on a later album cover, below. Her one-side cross earring features prominently in the photo styling.

The photos below are of an older Madonna but one still wearing the cross.

Interestingly, her cross is creatively worn on the tiara (3rd pix below), worn teamed with an ugly black dress (4th pix below) that looks like garbage bags scrunched together, and worn on a long chain dangling down to her waist (white dress pix). 

Cross vs crucifix 

For those who are wondering what the difference is between a cross and a crucifix, well, the latter incorporates an image of Jesus hanging on the cross.

Madonna below holds up a crucifix (pix 1) and hangs on a cross (pix 2) in her concert tour promo material.

The last picture of Madonna’s cross dressing gallery is a still below from her Like a Prayer music video.  

It is Madonna at her best — both in attractive looks and in topping the charts.

Nowadays Madonna is too full of ‘plastic’ body parts. 



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5 thoughts on “Cross dressing

  1. the only madonna dressing i like was when she dress up as a cowgirl in dont tell me, that mv engraved profoundly in my memory. the other song i am okay is holiday, i dont think both are really hits among her most popular list.

    i am more with the withney houston type, clean, elegant, greatest love, black, successful minority, friendship, family, totally not madonna, and died of cocaine?

    1. The song Madonna performs live a lot at her concerts is ‘Express Yourself’ which has been adopted as a feminist anthem.

      I took my (late) mother to watch ‘Evita’ in the cinema. She liked ‘Don’t Cry For Ne Argentina’.

      ‘Holiday’ is a happy song.

      Enjoy Whitney and four other songs in my Top 5 pick of happiest tunes ten years ago. Boy, this blog is old!

      1. 10 years, i wonder how many still writing blog. my happy song list no change much after all this years, all are older than your blog except perhaps the no5
        1 daydream believer : the monkees
        2 ymca : vp
        3 summer nights : onj + jt
        4 september : ewf
        5 wakawaka : shakira
        6 friday i’m in love : the cure

        i am not that into english song but was bombarded with all the 70s 80s music whenever i went for holiday at my cousin place at tapah, which seem nobody learn and speak mandarin in this small town. i grow up with songs mostly from taiwan oldies/folk and hk canto pop, eg teresa teng, liu wencheng, lo tayu, sam hui, alan tham and leslie/danny. almost zero touch on anything ccp/china from a cultural context. i really have no idea why some chinese sound as if they know china well.

        back to trend and dressing, i think david bowie is one of the greatest among singer celebrities, his 80s onwards suit and tie is the best looking gentleman among our generation, its a total opposite with his outfit from the 70s. very odd guy.

        1. Agree. Our generation’s early pop culture exposure was to Taiwan influences.

          You didn’t mention mention Wang Jie, Jiang Yu Heng & Pang Mei Chen.

  2. Inilah namanya penistaan agama yang sesungguhnya. Dah banyak yang terang-terangan tapi kalau nanti kita nak menentang perbuatan semacam ini, ada yang menyalak “minda tertutup” lah, tak “open-minded”lah, macam-macam lagilah… apa nak jadi pun entahlah.

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