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Diversity and inclusion fashionably in pictures

Madonna and her adopted brood, pix below — David Banda, Mercy James, Stella and Estere

Madonna does not like white.

She talked about blowing up the White House – in January 2017 addressing the female crowd at the Pussy Hat March in Washington, D.C. – because like many other woke celebrities, the singer suffers from the mandatory Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Steven Spielberg and his adopted daughter Mikaela

Sad when rich white parents don’t give their ‘people of colour’ children enough pocket money that the Spielberg daughter – story above, see tweet – turned to doing porn.

Steven Spielberg and his son Theo, adopted before the legendary director married second wife Kate Capshaw

Angelina Jolie and her adopted daughter Zahara

Nicole Kidman and her son Connor, adopted she was still married to Tom Cruise

Sandra Bullock and her adopted son Louis and adopted daughter Laila

Hugh Jackman (Marvel cinematic universe star, Wolverine) and his adopted son Oscar Maximilian

Oscar winner Emma Thompson, actor husband Greg Wise and their adopted son Tindyebwa Agaba

Oscar winner Charlize Theron and her adopted transgender son (‘daughter’) Jackson and adopted daughter August

Joely Fisher (sister of Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher) and her adopted daughter Olivia Luna


Mary Louise Parker and her adopted daughter Caroline ‘Ash’ Aberash


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3 thoughts on “Diversity and inclusion fashionably in pictures

    1. uncle, i think this is humane and sympathetic? i once read a discussion whether to have children, one forumer said our world have more than enough, he would adobt instead of having own. being a chinese, emotionally i find this rediculous, however from a conscious mindset, i respect and admire those that do it.

      i read somewhere spielberg daughter do it not for money, she believe porn could make her feeling of inferiority goes away. i dont think it work this way but many youth have very absurd thought, just the western free world more easily allow one to act on all kind of absurdly, is that not one main reason philosophy and science progress more successfully in the west and not the east?

      1. Fact. Originally, Woody Allen and his actress wife adopted a Vietnamese orphan girl. By late teens, she became his wife ! His actress wife left him.

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