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How two halves of the country view each other

Readers commenting in the Washington Post are like the Dapsters commenting in Malaysiakini, only the Americans are TDS on steroids.

(TDS is Trump Derangement Syndrome.)

WaPo has a big story today headlined ‘Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart, new book says’.

The Trump-hating general is Mark Milley and the new book is by veteran investigative reporter Bob Woodward of Watergate fame.

The article has 16,000 comments so far. WaPo’s readership is Democrat and liberal.

99.9 percent of WaPo news and its subscriber comments are rabidly anti Trump.

Many of the WaPo commenters think General Milley is a hero who was saving the American republic from a mad, power-hungry dictator in the last dark days of the Trump presidency.

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Meanwhile, the story on Fox News is headlined ‘Milley secretly called Chinese officials out of fear Trump would “attack” in final days, book claims’ and has 19,700 comments.

The Fox audience is largely Republican and conservative and a number of them are Trump supporters. 

Many of the Fox commenters think General Milley is a traitor to his country who has committed treason and should be court-martialled if the claims detailed in Woodward’s books are true.

Democrats and Republicans hold opposite views on General Milley just as they usually do on other critical issues. 

Blue vs red: The Divided States of America

Glenn Greenwald is an American journalist-lawyer. He is married to Brazilian politician David Michael dos Santos Miranda. The same-sex ‘couple’ have two adopted sons — pix below.

Greenwald fits the profile of the Diversity & Inclusion crowd. 

Anyway Greenwald’s snarky tweet below on 16 Dec 2020 describes the state of the American republic as viewed popularly from the left wing — i.e. Democrats see the well-educated Jill Biden as being superior to the hated ignoramus Melania Trump; Donald Trump is “Orange Hitler”; the Trump administration is “fascist”; Trump supporters are white supremacist gun-toting militiamen who are destroying Freedom and Democracy.

The Democrats have an intensely negative opinion of Republicans.  

Republicans on their part believe Democrats are unpatriotic Americans who shy away from serving in the military.

It is hard to see how the two sides will ever reconcile.


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  1. if same thing happened in ccp china, definitely only one view is allowed, and we can easily guess which one.

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