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Mahathir’s enduring view of the Chinese

History lesson delivered two days ago for the Chinese, from beloved Atok — their erstwhile Harapan chairman.

Migrants from China “were not allowed to be involved in [Malayan] politics”. — Mahathir

“The Chinese migrants followed the politics of China.” — Mahathir

“They regarded themselves as citizens of China and they put up the Chinese flag during certain Chinese national days.” — Mahathir


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7 thoughts on “Mahathir’s enduring view of the Chinese

  1. Among the Chinese community in Malaysia, Mahathir was right. The elderies, boomers and gen X Chinese were mostly pro-CCP China or Kuomintang-era Taiwan supporters, whereas most of the millenials and Zoomers (Especially UEC graduates who study at Taiwan and Cultural Marxists from woke universities i.e. Universiti Malaya) followed the politics of (DPP-ruled) Taiwan and Hong Kong, hoping the “civil liberties” in Taiwan can be implemented in Malaysia.

    1. but most that blogging in english seem to know the anglo saxon world well, while muslim know what happens in arab. to the malay, this is perfectly fine right?

      if you have the opportunity to talk to uec student in taiwan, you would notice they do know the politics of kmt dpp and npp, but most dont really care, simply because it has nothing to do with them. no doubt many favor dpp unlike their parents because they can hardly find even one among their taiwanese friend or classmate that pro kmt, dpp easily win the support of the youth whenever ccp talk war and unification, and ccp talk this topic almost every day 24/7. very similar with how umno step on mca while chinese cant even hear a bark and result is dap get all the votes.

      among asia country, taiwan democracy is indeed impressive. and i dont know how malaysia democracy work, perhaps we are not that diff with hk whereby ccp ensure the candidate must be pro ccp before election, whereas here some have to ensure that the after election governing party and pm must be pro 3r. cant say the malay dont pro communist way of politicking.

  2. mahathir is not wrong, but thing change fast especially if we talk about chinese that born here. that said, i think its a waste of time to talk/argue to malay on this topic.

  3. Fact. There was a Chinese KMT Consulate in Kuala Lumpur until the Communists took over in 1949. Until 1951, when the Federation of Malaya was established, all Chinese in Malaya were citizens of KMT Republic of China. With its fall, my brothers had to carry British Colony passports to go to UK in 1950. My father had to get a Straits Settlements visa to visit Hong Kong for only 6 months in 1936. My family fled to India on KMT passports in February 1942. No politics could be undertaken by the Chinese during the colonial days. From 1931, when the first Comintern agent, a Frenchman, was caught in Singapore, Governor Clementi began to reduce the pace of Chinese immigrants as turmoil increased in China. British police cadets were sent to Amoy, Swatow and Canton to study the clansmen on the spot for 6 months stints in the 1930s. On return, they were posted to be Protectors (a euphemism) of the Chinese Offices in Singapore, Penang and Kuala Lumpur sited adjacent to chinatowns. In Kuala Lumpur, the Briish Protector’s Office still stands opposite the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and next to the Chinatown of KL. Generally, the later Chinese arrivals were mainly educated left-wing teachers in the 1930s. With the evidence of wrong doing by any Chinese, banishment back to China was prompt and unyielding. The established Chinese who came before the new arrivals were right wing. Tun Sir Henry Lee Hau Sik, Malaya’s first Miniser of Finance, and Lau Pak Kuan of Ipoh were KMT who became MCA leaders. A notable left winger was Tan Kah Kee of Singapore who operated mainly from China. With the founding of the Federation of Malaya in 1951, 1,000,000 million Chinese became citizens of Malaya. This was the MCA’s finest hour which has never been surpassed since.

  4. I don’t see anything controversial or insensitive or anything thats not factual in Mahathir’s wteet on this subject. In fact if anything at all it remains true to this day with the two migrant groups, viz the Chinese Malaysians and the Indian Malaysians.

    Their approach and divided loyalties to Malaysia manifests itself in more subtle wayst today than it did all those years ago. But their mindset remains the same in terms of where their loyalties lie.

  5. How does TDM view the born-again Christians who look like Chinese on the outside but 100% Western on the inside without one dram of the 5,000 year old Chinese culture or beliefs inside them ? These Chinese are now the nearest and dearest to TDM ? Fact. The odyssey of the new phenomenon of the born again Christians aka Chinese began from one single new Chinese tycoon in the mid-1970s who found it expedient to keep his banking staff in line with his new Christianity so that they have no sticky fingers with money. He found it also useful his own-created church was tax free. With so much money in his hands, he could support his own listed company with his captive staff. From hereon, other chinamen of a similar ilk followed until hundreds of tax free blossoms bloomed to this day. I am not implying at all that these are really money-laundering machines par excellence! My illiterate sis-in-law, a hair rinser in a Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur hair salon could make millions of tax free born-again Christians money from her own church which she transferred to London. Her London properties made her millions of ringgits more. She died young. But her daughter is now running this tax free enterprise. Who says there is no opportunity to make money in Malaysia ? The born-again DAP Leaders ? My cousin who was given away as a baby, is the Chief Abbess of a major temple. She rides around in a chauffeured driven gold Mercedes S (long wheel base). Who says there is no opportunity to make money in Malaysia ? The born-again DAP Leaders ?

  6. For the edification of all. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Here is a factual chronology of the financial scams concerning the Chinese in Malaysia since 1946 (with 2 exceptions). The common garden scams like illegal numbers, bookies, etc under police surveillance are not included.
    1. 1946-1957 – Tontine
    2. 1960-1962 – Mushroom insurance companies.
    3. 1961-1962 – Fragmentation of rubber estates. All of a sudden, workers lost their jobs.
    4. 1962-2021 – Share-rigging on the KLSE
    5. 1972-1973 – Gemini Chit Fund (Indian)
    6. 1972-2021 – Listing of public listed companies which eventually foundered.
    7. 1976-2021 – First of the brand new tax free RM2 incorporated churches founded by a Chinese tycoon. This mushroomed into hundreds of tax free places of worship today.
    8.. 1977-1985 – MCA involvement in business which ended with its Leader imprisoned and UMNO’s Tun Ghaffar Baba becoming MCA President for a period.
    9.. 1977-1982 – Co-operative societies scam
    10. 1981-1982 – Insurance companies guarantees scam
    11. 1979-1982 – Unit Trusts scam by which sound units exchanged for penny stocks.
    12. 1995-1997 – Sime Darby’s 1st Bankruptcy of RM 1.2 billion scam which involved a Chinese bankrupting the Sime Bank staffed by ex-BNM officials !
    13. 2002-2004 – Foreign Exchange scam (Indian)
    14, 2003-2006 – Sale of shares in oil palm companies scam
    15. 2010-2014 – Gold bullion scam
    16. 2010-2015 – 1MDB scam
    It is meaningful to put the proposed controversial Bill within the context of the above scams in the name of Peace, Harmony and Prosperity in the National Interest within the precepts of the revered Constitution as we know it and safe-guarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans.

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