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Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army

Aukus is the nuclear security pact between Australia, the UK and the US.

The countries in this new tripartite defence grouping are far apart in geographical distance and even located in three separate continents — Oz in Oceania, UK in Europe and US in North America.

What they have in common, however, is the English language — making them collectively the ‘Anglophone’ countries.

BELOW: Pinterest gif shows how the entire British isles developed to speak English after 1,600 years, in the process subsuming other languages like Pictish, Scottish, Irish, Cornish, Welsh, Old Norse (Nordic), Gaelic and Cambric — source: Vivid Maps

Anglo + phone

‘Anglo’ is a prefix indicating a relation to, or descent from, the Angles, as Pak Google tells us.

Angles are the English people.

Phone’ is a word to do with sound, for example the linguistic fields of Phonetics and Phonology.

The word ‘telephone’ (tele + phone) for example literally means ‘distant sound’ or transmission of sound over a distance.

Other words with the ‘tele’ prefix include television, telecast, telegram, telegraph, teleconference, teleprompter, telecommunication, teleportation, telekinesis, etc.

Canada and New Zealand are Anglophone countries too although the Canadian province of Quebec and its city of Montreal are Francophone, i.e. French speaking.

The premiers of Canada and NZ, Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern respectively, are too woke to join Aukus.

Nonetheless Canada – coincidentally – is holding its federal election tomorrow (Sept 20). It’s a tight race and the conservatives could return to power if they manage to unseat the Obama-endorsed Diversity & Inclusion Justin Trudeau.

China and the Chinese diaspora

Aukus was launched to counter China, according to the BBC.

Beijing in turn has denounced the Aukus deterrence as a threat to peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

Just like England spread its English people to the youngish sovereign nations of Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, China has spread its Han Chinese (in the majority) to Taiwan, Singapore and (in the minority) to other areas such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia as well as countries in southeast Asia.

DAP’s cloud cuckoo land

General Affendi Buang, who is chief of the Malaysian armed forces, said two days ago that roughly one in five of their young recruits is non Malay.

The figures revealed by the top general sounds about right to the layman observing from the outside. Sabah and Sarawak pribumi do indeed look like they make up a significant part of the non-Malay army intake.

DAP exco Ramasamy (also Penang’s forever DCM II) prefers instead to be tigerish about the stats.

Writing an opinion piece yesterday in Focus Malaysia, Ramasamy said “I think Affendi, a high ranking general and the commander of the three wings of the armed forces, must be living in fairy tale world, having difficulty separating facts from fiction!” for Affendi to claim that the armed forces is free from race favouritism and ethnic quota.

In Ramasamy‘s DAP world view, the military “is an extension of the larger political establishment which is premised on race and religion” and therefore “predicated on the employment of one race — the Malays”.

Ramasamy also asserted “Those holding top ranks in the army, navy and the air force are invariably Malays” and asked “How many non-Malays are holding top ranks in the three wings of the armed forces?”

Ramasamy is typical of his party and their supporters.

He expects Malaysian Chinese to be generals, admirals and colonels on merit without first considering how many Chinese are in the military to begin with, in order for them to be promoted through the ranks.

Hopefully granular data on the actual number of Malaysian army recruits of Chinese descent can be revealed to the public to assuage Ramasamy’s misgivings against General Affendi.


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3 thoughts on “Aukus, language bias and how many Chinese in M’sian army

  1. i agree with ramasamy, how the army is diff with other civil servant, public university enrollment and glc? one dont see much discrimination in ppv because there is no point to vaccine only one race, if there is, same thing happens. that said, would the chinese or indian do it differently if they are the majority, i doubt it but fact remain the malay do discriminate, and non malay is never the majority, i think its quite impossible to create a no discrimination society, but still i really annoy to see one that discriminate put the blame on one that being discriminated.

    being a chinese that do lots of history reading, i dont have many good thing to say about this anglo saxon race, but ccpland never once do anything to show that they are going to fight the whiteman, all they do is invade xinjiang tibet, bully hk taiwan and south east asia, well, quite similar to one that criticise the anglo saxon country, but choose to live in one but still talk as if he is a victim.

    see the similarity of umno, ccp and one that choose to live in whiteman land, pay tax to the whiteman and condemn the whiteman day and night? i dont choose to live in malaysia, i am born here if one want to know the diff.

  2. The English have long ago given to addressing political, academic and sports icons who do not look at all English as British. The AUKUS is a paraphernalia which disguise the United States’s retreat from its World hegemony or its self-pronounced status as the ‘World’s Policeman.’ Simply put, the profits arising from the costs do not deem the US spending its efforts overseas anymore – like the retreat of the Romans from Britain, Germany in 300 AD. The Romans were unbeatable 100 BC – 300 AD. The Ottomans 1500s-1919. The British 1700s-mid-20th century. The Americans became great through Wars 1774-21st Century – but became imperialist only from 1899 with the Spanish-American War. Further costs to tickle the Chinese at least a minimum of US$64 billion passed to the Aussies. The United States cannot have a New Deal with US$3.3 Trillion spending, unlimited propping up of its US economy through ‘quantitative easing’ since October 2008 (US$ 4 Trillion) and an arms race with China and Russia unlike the Cold War 1948-1989. It was the arms race that killied Russia’s Communist World. It is unlikely that China falls for this ruse of the Cold War 1948-1989 created by the rich Americans. Malaysia’s Policy of being a friend to all in a nuclear free zone is correct. We are one of the 4 small important countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. On the Chinese in the Malaysian Armed Forces, those who joined the Engineering, Medical & Dentistry, Aviation, Electronics and specialised branches have advanced to become generals. We must not generalise on any topic without information.

    1. when i was young, its pretty common to meet chinese that were in the army, we got the tax free alcohol and electronic goods mainly through them, they are either our friend, friends friend or neighbor. i see with my own eyes the 3 races drank non stop every weekend at my home, i guess thats time when my cousin sisters reached stage of puberty and the army get horny. so what change? the msia born chinese suddenly turn their loyalty back to their motherland?

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