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Response to Ambiga: Harapan make us feel bullied

In her Malaysia Day greeting, former Bersih 2.0 chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan (pix below) made an early pitch for GE15.

She wrote: “When we vote next, we must remember how these [political] leaders made us feel. We must choose leaders who never make us feel that way again.”

Ambiga pictured with DAP politicians back in the Bersih heyday

Us versus them

According to Ambiga in her essay published Sept 17 in Malaysiakini, those leaders “gave us grief”.

By ‘us’ Ambiga is referring to the Harapan groupthinkers.

“How did these two years make you feel?“ Ambiga asked her Malaysiakini readers in what may only be described as an exercise in manufacturing ‘consent’ (groupthink).

Being Malaysiakini subscribers, their political bent is reliably expected to be aligned to Ambiga’s own thinking — hence her question tossed at the hyper partisan readership is merely to elicit confirmation bias.

‘How they made us feel’

Ambiga’s fellow travellers who voted Ubah had apparently – during the past two years – felt “despair, despondency and frustration”, or so she whinged.

All because of the Sheraton Move and events that led up to the episode.

Ambiga’s Malaysiakini op-ed is titled ‘How they made us feel’.

Therefore I’ve excerpted below several sentences from Ambiga’s screed in Malaysiakini where she used the words ‘feel’, ‘felt’ and ‘feelings’ — these passages encapsulate her message.

But first, a few other excerpts from Ambiga’s essay where she used the favourite buzzwords from the Bangsar Bubble.

Diversity and inclusion

Speaking about our multiracial, multicultural society in her commemoration of Sept 16 Hari Malaysia, Ambiga wrote: “We are also so much better when all the races work together and we exploit the full benefits of our diversity.”

(Note: Italic, bold and underline emphasis added by this blogger.)

Ambiga wrote: ”Pakatan Harapan set up an inclusive government.”

Inclusivity is something that makes Harapan supporters feel good, we reckon.

Like the Dapsters, Ambiga believed that “The appointment of non-Malays to key posts was meritorious”. (‘Meritocracy’ is typical DAP vocab.)

“What we have since the Sheraton Move is not an inclusive government representative of all Malaysians but a 95 percent male, Malay government,” Ambiga complained.

Aww, this Malay male exclusivity must have made the Harapan supporters feel really bad but they should never forget that “Elections Have Consequences”.

Ambiga then proceeds to preach: “The government of Malaysia should be just that, ie Malaysian. It should be inclusive and truly representative of all its people with full participation by East Malaysians at the top.”

Last month, Ambiga initiated a ‘unity government’ petition – see below – when it looked like Anwar would not prevail over Ismail Sabri in their run-off for the PM’s job.

I commented earlier on Aug 20: “Ambiga would have been more persuasive if she had launched her ‘let’s heal the nation’ petition BEFORE it became clear that Ismail Sabri is on track to clinch the job.”

I also mused: “If it were Anwar who was PM9, would Ambiga & Friends be urging for PAS, Bersatu, Umno and MCA leaders to be included in a Harapan unity gomen to ‘heal the nation’?”

Nah, didn’t think so.

Ambiga with Marina Mahathir

Ambiga whipping up the feels

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — MAYA ANGELOU (quoted by Ambiga Sreenevasan)

Maya Angelou (1928 –2014) was a black American poet, writer and activist.

“People will never forget how you made them feel” was the theme Ambiga picked in her effort to persuade GE15 voters.

Resuming her previous Bersih (We the People) rhetorical mode, Ambiga spoke as if she was the voice of the rakyat.

“The people felt invested in this path to reform that Harapan had promised,” Ambiga wrote.

“The feeling of frustration among the people, because of this [Harapan’s stalled reforms], was widespread,” she wrote.

“This change [of government in GE14] came at a great cost to the people, many of whom felt an acute sense of grief and betrayal [by the Najib administration],” she wrote.

Maya Angelou was probably correct to deduce that “people will forget what you said” and “people will forget what you did”.

And Ambiga is taking to heart the lesson from Angelou “but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Now I’m just going to very briefly put the shoe on the other foot by echoing Ambiga.

‘How did they (the Harapan people) make us (BN voters) feel’?

They made us feel relentlessly bullied.

Again, mirroring Ambiga I’m going to say: When we vote next, we will remember how the Harapan juggernaut made us feel. And we will choose ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ politicians who will shield us from the Harapan bullying.


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  1. Ambiga must remember that some Chinese have a saying, ” Cross the bridge. Pull the plank “. Unfortunately, Datuk was mixed up with the wrong crowd of Chinese who look like Chinese but 100% Western inside. Even the 95% Chinese who voted for this lot in the 14th GE will not vote for them again in the 15th GE. Ungrateful Trojan Horses !

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