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This is what a diversity neighbourhood will look like

Profile of Germany’s Fourth Reich: Black man with white baby; black trans (man/woman) with pink hair embracing his/her white (girl? boy?) friend who is wearing an Antifa T-shirt.

Green Party’s diversity utopia

Black Lives Matter is American anarchy that outreached from the USA to woke European cities.

BLM has also infected virtue signallers in Malaysian social media as well as the poseurs of Bangsar’s political ecosphere.

Antifa is anarchy that spread from western Europe to the American left coast.

The pro-BLM, pro-Antifa poster above was commissioned by Germany’s Green Party which currently holds 67 seats in the country’s parliament.

Germany’s federal election to choose 700-odd members of the Bundestag will be held this Sunday (Sept 26).

The tweet above explains the ‘vision’ of the Green Party to remake German society.

To read story in English, go to news report in The Post Millennial headlined ‘German Green Party releases advertisement featuring Antifa propaganda’.

The Greens’ campaign ad poster has already been pasted along the walls of underground U-Bahn stations – see below – located in Berlin, Frankfurt and other places.

More poster details

The pink-haired individual is wearing blue lipstick, a nose ring and an LGBT bracelet. He/she has ‘BLM’ tattooed on his/her arm.

An LGBT rainbow flag is draped over one balcony and provocative slogans are graffitied elsewhere in the poster.

The blond woman in the wheelchair – see enlarged segment below – has the communist sickle-and hammer symbol tattooed on her chest.

The pull-down aluminium building door bears the words “Antifa area”.

In the background are two girls ‘of colour’ kicking a ball (indicating a gender role reversal wrt the sport of soccer).

The androgynous couple kissing in public could be two men (it’s hard to tell).

In a slight variation of the illustration by the same artist (refer tweet below) – see the elderly couple and their black cat, and under the banner which says “There is no planet B” –are additionally scribbled some German words “Kein Gott”, “Kein Staat”, “Kein Patriarchat” meaning ‘No God’, ‘No state’, ‘No patriarchy’.

This scenario of inverting everything traditional is what’s desired by the woke activists.



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  1. Why are we so old fashion about diversity ? I have relatives who are married to a real Bengali, a Malay, a Pakistan, an Alsatian (from Alsace, France), a French woman, an Italian woman, a Jewess, 2 Americans, 3 Singaporeans, 3 Hong Kongers, an Australian Jew, a white Australian and of course Malaysian Chinese. It’s the World today !

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