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Steamrolling the pendatang agenda

(Pix 1 & 3) Haitians crossing the Rio Grande river to reach the town of Del Rio

(Pix 2 & 4): Rohingya crossing the Naf river to reach the town of Cox’s Bazar

(1) Haitians in late Sept 2021

(2) Rohingya in early Oct 2017

(3) Haitians now; (4) Rohingya a couple of years ago

BELOW: Biden’s astoundingly head-scratching press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in a White House briefing “they [the Haitians] are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time”

A few months ago, our usual ‘most compassionate’ whingers attacked Malaysian law enforcement for the following poster.

The government message, which appeared around June saying ‘Migran etnik Rohingya kedatangan anda tidak diundang’, was predictably condemned by the pro-immigration activists as “inhumane”.

This week, American law enforcement in the border state of Texas was also criticised as cruel and inhumane for trying to block the illegal entry of thousands (possibly up to 15,000) of Haitians.

The Border Patrol agents simply trying to do their job were furthermore falsely accused of “whipping” the Haitians and being cowboy “white supremacists”.

There are some similarities between Malaysia and the USA in this immigration issue.

The Rohingya went to Bangladesh first, and then from there attempted to come to Malaysia.

Haiti’s economic migrants went to South America (Chile, Brazil, etc) first, and are now pretending to be “refugees” deserving of asylum in the USA.

Another similarity is how the silent majority who want their country’s borders protected are being demonised as racists, bigots, xenophobes, cruel and inhumane by the other group proclaiming themselves our planet’s most compassionate people.


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13 thoughts on “Steamrolling the pendatang agenda

  1. Biden turned out to be worse than Trump ! The former relied on weak advisers whilst the latter made his own decisions. For example, the US Secretary of Defence should be responsible for the US debacle in Afghanistan. But he was nowhere to be seen in any media. There has not been a single TV interview of him in the US TV Channels ! What pendatang ? What diaspora ? Both terms are inapplicable to the Chinese anywhere in the World. The former term is used by people who have no knowledge of history. History being the finest arbiter of the Truth. It is a political term which is banned in many countries with a sense of history and parliamentary democracy. Diaspora is a strictly Jewish term which arose out of the destruction of King Herod’s temple by the Romans in 2 AD. The purpose was to drive all the Jews out of their own land. From this event, the Jews fled East as far as China where there was a colony of Chinese looking Jews until World War II. The Jews also fled to Cochin in Kerala where there are synagogues today. Not too long ago, the Ethiopian Jews were repatriated to Israel. The Chinese were not permitted to leave China until after the mid-19th Century when the Imperial Manchus were losing their grip on Power. This Chinese migration because of poverty and lack of jobs, suited the Western colonialists well in South Africa, South America, Australia, North America and South East Asia to develop their newly conquered colonies. The gold mines of South Africa, Australia and North America were developed by the Chinese. The copper mines in Peru as well. The rail-roads in Australia, New Zealand and North America were built by the Chinese. Today, the Chinese are found in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Mauritius, Seychelles, East Africa , India and many other countries – not because of political reasons which the Jews faced, but out of economic necessity to feed their parents and relatives at home in China. To call the Chinese pendatangs is wrong. To call a Chinese Diaspora is absolutely wrong. How many Malaysians have met a JEW ? I have met blue-eyed/blonde hair Jews to black ones who looked like Indians. In 1943, I met a Jewish Polish boy with a halitosis up in Mussoorie, UP. India. Now I wonder what he was doing there as the World War II was declared on 1st September 1939 ! In character, the Jews are like a prickly durian because they were pushed around the World for 2,000 years whilst the Chinese always have a sense of humour and are generally generous and not money pinching with a calculative mind. The English Jews came from Central Europe – the smartest of the lot. The Singapore Jews emigrated to Singapore from Baghdad around 1908 when there was pogrom. For many years before the Sino-Indian War of 1962, the Chinese Hakkas lived in the China-towns of Bombay (Mumbai) and Calcutta (Kolkatta) of India. They controlled the tanning trade because the cow was holy to the Hindus and the Muslims avoid the problem. And in 1942, there was a Chinese restaurant in Mussoorie. UP. India 7,000 ft catering to the student population of the American Woodstock College, St. George’s College and many residential institutions of learning which was India’s Silicon Valley for education to groom their elites. Those who labelled the Chinese incorrectly have only themselves to blame for being deficient in World history. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. This is not for those who are not dreaming !

      1. HY. Absolutely. To equate the Chinese with the Jews is vicious, mischievous and ignorant. The Chinese through the Ages have always been economic migrants unlike the persecuted Jews. For 5,000 years, the Chinese have the same habits, culturally, religiously, and hereditary. We all look the same. No blue eyes and blond hair or dark skinned. Our languages and Chinese characters remained the same. Have you ever met a stupid chinaman ? But some are so very clever that they become stupid ! This is why the Caucasians fear the Chinese. Quote Napoleon, ” When China awakes, the Earth trembles.”. Hence, all the devious schemes to contain China. How does one do it when China is not imperialist ? If you review the history of China, when an emperor is weak, the whole country was in turmoil. But if the emperor lopped off a few heads, all chinamen toed the line and peace and prosperity reigned. All chinamen are individualistic unlike the Japanese who work in teams. If you visit China and awed by its vastness, and Japan, a small nation with no natural resources, you understand the natural characteristics of these 2 peoples. Without the Chinese cultural ballast in the brand new Christians who look like Chinese, how can these people claim to be Chinese and represent the 95% Chinese forever ?

        1. my grasp of chinese attributes is diff from you, perhaps due to background and education (anglo vs chinese). chinese individualistic have much to do with selfishness and unconcerned, unlike the caucasian individualistic that are more humanistic incline, a result of renaissance. i often debate the mainlanders on various forum and youtube wrt democracy and ccp, it seem some do agree that authoritarian is a temporary measure and what chinese need is a similar renaissance movement, however mass education is still a major impediment. and thats could be one of the cause why mao zedong initiated the cultural revolution but failed miserably.

          i still believe democracy, inclusiveness, multiracial and multicultural is the way forward. i cant imagine to live in a sociery that ban this ban that, and shut up our right to speak. i used to believe ccp and pas authoritative ruling is merely a temporary phenomenan, now i believe otherwise seeing what happened in hk.

          1. HY. I am surprised that you do not understand my comments. Your comment is not factual but emotional, confusing contradictory and self-defeating ! Please let me ask you :-
            1. Why you feel superior to a non-Mandarin speaking Chinese like me who only speaks Cantonese ? Notwithstanding that all Chinese vernacular school boys speak pidgin Mandarin and understand only 1,200 Chinese characters, enough for them to read the comics in the Sin Chew Daily. A Beijing or Taipei University graduate commands 3,000 – 4,000 characters out of 10,000 ! Their professors about 5,000.
            2. Why you dare to debate with the Chinese in China when you never ever lived in a country outside of Malaysia which practices your ideals of Democracy, Inclusiveness, Multiracialism, and Multiculturalism. You are just a troublemaker.
            3. Finally, please live in your dreams and do not try to act superior on me who only speaks Cantonese, with your command of 1,200 Chinese characters out of 10,000, just enough to read the comics in the Sin Chew Daily and your Malaysian pidgin Mandarin. HA and me can learn to speak flawless Mandarin in 3 months. No problem. Do you know ? Where ? Only in China.

  2. uncle, diff is not superior, don get overexcited. how many books you read from chinese author between 1911 to 1951 ie after qing and before ccp? the only one i guess is perhaps lin yutang, he wrote in english and have the most english translation of his chinese work. i said before no matter how a english educated msian wanting to talk about china, the fact is that they lack foundation on anything chinese. nothings wrong with this, just diff. i dont read much from 1951 onwards because anyone that speak his/her mind is labeled a rightists or knocked down and murdered in cultural revolution. even bajin 1980s confession in his random thought is a half baked one.

    i think chineseness have not much to do with knowing chinese character, its one of the causal but unless one were educated in a chinese school, surrounded by teacher and elder with similar background, just command the chinese language alone wouldn’t work. thats why i told helen our msia chinese culture is a lineage from taiwan, and china under roc. personal evidence is that i have such cultutal reminiscing when i watch/listen taiwan movie/music but totally no such feeling of a mainland one. another instance, compare teresa teng plum blossom vs peng liyuan (xi second wife) my motherland, perhaps you know what i am talking about. and chinese education during my era is perhaps a unique one, go watch taiwan director hou hsiaohsien work.

    mainland chinese can only speak freely or relatively free, when they are in youtube or blog, a american platform. thats how we learn from each other, again from a american platform. i debate with one that live within the wall, i dont want to debate one that live outside the wall bacause there is no point to argue with one hypocrite that defend a ccp authoritarian model who live in a free world, or west world.

    i dont look down on you, perhaps i am the only one here that read each and every piece of your writes attentively. we are just diff.

    1. I come here to read Helen, uncle AK47 and HY. Thanks. I can smell HY and AK47 don’t agree on a thing or two at times. I got no knowledge of what you two are talking about; so I stay shut.

      I am for all inclusive Malaysia; this don’t include those who come and are making us uneasy and wish KDN diligently carry out what majority Malaysian citizens expect them to do. So Rohingya must go like we did to the boat people. They are UNHCR problem but Malaysia could facilitate. The number of PATI and legitimate foreign labors too must reduce. There are now too many of that they are becoming a nuissance.

      I am unable to develop understanding that we have here some local human rights activists who are against KDN’s action. They should help KDN exert pressure to the UNHCR instead. Perhaps those activists don’t see the presence of these people roaming in their exclusive neighborhood and how they are becoming a nuissance to the rest of us. Their thinking is an unfornate thing.

      This land has been welcoming people for centuries and the natives and earlier settlers were rather accepting when their beliefs, their culture, tradition and livelihood remain unquestioned. No doubt that today it is eroding fast and this is true for every ethnicity in this land, it is something that we can’t wish not to take place. We must adapt. Positive changes are welcomed but blindly accepting western liberalism and fundamental extremism would potentially invite countinuous restlessness. It is already showing. Why must we go with any of this ?

      We cannot let others with ulterior motives exert their values on us. And we cannot allow other countries’ problem become ours. We have to be together on this. When we brought ourselves together, the Brits had to yield. Let’s work on that again.

      1. Sir, There is no need to express our angst over the so-called flaws in our beloved Malaysia. Everything is cared for in our revered Constitution which is a fair and sound document to guide us through the Ages. Like everything else, it is up to the majority to amend it if really necessarily. The Constitution is safe-guarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Slogans like “Malaysia for Malaysians’ as concocted by LKY in 1964 and adopted by DAP is alleged to be mischievous and trouble-making. This precious document arose out of the British bitter experiences in the collapsed Malayan Union ,1945, Palestine 1947 and the partition of India ,1947 when over 1 million lost their lives. I am a Constitutionalist, never a Communalist since 1954. Therefore, it is up to the Political Leadership of the day to act according to the revered Constitution in the National Interest since 1957 !

      2. i disagree with ak most of the time, i think he pander too much to the authority, perhaps thats the best way to educate or convey a message, but sometimes this could bordering revisionism, that said, his experience is a unique and interesting one, i admire him.

        if you ask a chinese do they welcome rohingya, the answer could be various but i bet 99% say no in their heart, however the rational msian to reject rohingya and the rational malay to reject others is actually more or less same. so how?

    2. HY. You are stating the obvious. All of us are different from each other. But by knowing how to speak Malaysian pidgin Mandarin like ‘Bu-see. Bu-see’ and you called it your Chinese culture, it really shows ! And out of 6 million Chinese, you pick on me to dominate. It’s laughable and reflects the arrogance of the Vernacular Chinese Schools student or their ingrained alleged inferiority complex ! FYI. My father founded the Confucian Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur in 1908. The first Chinese Secondary School. in KL. Did you go there ? He sent all his children to Methodist Mission schools for commercial reasons.

  3. HY. The more you try to exert your Chineseness the more you weaken your argument that a Chinese looking fellow like you only know the Mandarin language of only 1,200 Chinese which you did not DENY. This is just what a Chinese taxi driver knows in Malaysia like you speaking pidgin Mandarin which you also did not deny ! You are now stripped naked trying to boast you are a cultured Chinese which you are definitely not because you only know how to speak the Mandarin language like any other language. You should not try to hide the fact that before 1949, all Vernacular Chinese Schools imported their textbooks based on the curriculum used in schools in China. All the Vernacular Chinese Schools textbooks were printed by the Commercial Press, Shanghai. Do you know ? After 1951, especially after Merdeka, 1957, the Vernacular Chinese Schools used local printed textbooks on Malaysian history, etc in Mandarin unlike before 1949 when all subjects were about things Chinese and China. So, YH, do not try to tell us that you know about real Chinese history, science, mathematics, hygiene, morals, fine arts etc AFTER Merdeka ! In other words, what you did in your Chinese vernacular School was to spend your young years up to 16 studying the Mandarin language only which HA and myself can do in flawless Mandarin in 3 months in China. Do not make the mainlanders laugh at you that you treat the national language of China as Chinese Culture which you are so proud of. The TRUTH is your Chinese Culture consists of only 1,200 Chinese characters which you spent a life-time to acquire, just enough to read the comics in the Sin chew Daily which you did not deny. If you still think the language Mandarin is your Chinese culture, please tell this to the mainland Chinese. I give you a hint. In 1970, I had the best collection of Wu Chang Shuo, Pan Tian Shou, Wu Tjso Ren, Chi Pai Shi, Huang Bin Hung, Hsu Pei Hung, Pu Ren, etc. Since you claimed to be a cultured Chinese, do you know who they were ?

    1. i know qi baishi, xu beihong and puren. i read biography of the first two. i am not interested in painting and arts, just qi and xu is too prominent to ignore. i appreciate your dad contribution, but sorry he is no diff with one that support a authoritarian model that live in australia. even your collection is more for commercial and pride rather than cultural. the warlords in china possess the same habit.

      i said elders and teachers to imply that they are from the before ccp era, while the ability to read chinese equipped one to access the sino world. local printing doesn’t mean contents change, the changes did take place much later, i can agree that our chinese school text book has nothing to do with propaganda, however would have the same pursuasion similar to when one read greek mythology, shakespeare and dickens. i suspect malay promote verly little of “malayness” because they worry the influence of indonesia, but non malay reject anything middle east because it has everything to do with culture that we cant relate, i think thats one main reason national school dont work. lastly, idiom, oral and activities is something authorities cant control, and thats cultural, one cant just erase it by pressing ctrl alt del.

      my 1200 chinese character facilities me with good enough writing and oral capability to debate any mainlanders, taiwanese and hongkonger, again this has nothing to do with proud and superiority, it just me, like any other chinese msian that know chinese language.

      talking about inferiority complex, i remember well how the english educated chinese disdain the poor communist china then and revere the rich ccp today, is that a cultural or commercial trait?

      sometimes we have to call a spade a spade. i cant stand it when i see one boosting or condemn one race, eg chinese. nothing personal. like i said before, i still read your writes like how i read the biography of any prominent figure.

      1. HY. You indulged in making assumptions about others without facts. It’s your jurassic mind-set. You have not denied you only command 1,200 Chinese characters out of 10,000 as an ex-Chinese vernacular schoolboy. You need 3,000-4,000 to become a Beijing or Taipei university undergraduate. You are only fit to be a clerk in a Chinese business office or a taxi driver or a cook. Instead of improving yourself, you spent time picking faults of others. You admitted you did not appreciate Chinese fine arts because you are mentally limited by your Chinese Vernacular school education. You are not Chinese literati. If the non-Mandarin speaking Chinese offended you, do not pick on me because I have never said anything without the facts. You are just like any other Malaysian who loved to hide behind pseudonyms to insult/abuse others. Ask HA ! Please note your comments have NO merit because the alphabets HY does not exist in this Kingdom as a person.

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