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Nur Sajat and the multikulti slippery slope

Fugitive transgender Nur Sajat (Pretty in Pink pix below) is being championed by the Malaysian diversity and inclusion crowd.

Malaysian wokerati refer to Nur Sajat as a lady / woman / girl and use the pronouns ‘she’ and ‘her’ to describe this celebrity trans individual.

The Malaysian Islamic authorities beg to demur on the acceptability of gender bending.

ABOVE: Nur Sajat’s cross dressing is more reflective of the westerners’ – such as popstar Madonna below – permissive sense of fashion

How much multiculturalism do they want?

A separate and more weighty klatch of prominent public figures, the G25, have also stepped forward to defend Nur Sajat from what they call “the hysterical attitude of the Malaysian government”.

G25 stated that “Malaysia, as a multiracial, multicultural country cannot allow itself to be held hostage to the strict interpretation of Islamic doctrines if we are going to become a fully developed country …”.

A media statement ‘G25’s take on the manhunt for Nur Sajat’ was issued by the group yesterday.

BELOW: (1) Multikulti Madonna — the singer is a diversity icon; (2) like Madonna, Lady Gaga uses the cross as a fashion accessory

How much freedom do they want?

G25 urged for Nur Sajat to be allowed to “openly display her good looks and [exert] her fundamental rights”.

Note that G25 use the feminine objective pronoun ‘her’ (and not ‘him’).

“The authorities are becoming paranoid that Nur Sajat may be an inspiration for other transgenders to assert their human rights to be what they were born into,” said G25 in their statement.

BELOW: ‘Born This Way’, a Lady Gaga single released in 2011

The G25’s phrasing above recalls the vocabulary of Born This Way — a song sung by popstar Lady Gaga, and which was quickly adopted as an LGBTQ inspirational anthem.

In the intro to Born This Way, Lady Gaga narrated: “And thus began the beginning of the new race; a race within the race of humanity; a race which bears no prejudice, no judgment but boundless freedom”.

Also from the Born This Way album, Lady Gaga’s music video ‘Judas’ – see below – was replete with Jesus iconography. Similarly Madonna’s Like A Prayer music vid.

These LGBTQ cheerleaders in pop culture intersect subversively with traditional religious mores.

In the year following the release of ‘Born This Way’, Lady Gaga took her music on a tour of the Asian cities.

She staged her concerts in Bangkok, Manila and Singapore, following earlier sold-out venues in Seoul, Tokyo and Taipei.

Lady Gaga nonetheless bypassed Kuala Lumpur.

Her ‘Born This Way’ concert in Jakarta planned for June 2012 was canceled too. Lady Gaga was deemed to be unacceptable in Asean’s two Muslim capitals.

How much ‘gender diversity’ do they want?

Muslim countries have a different level of tolerance from their non-Muslim Asian neighbours.

However according to the G25, “Respecting gender diversity and human rights are key factors within the principles of ESG”, referring to Environmental, Social and Governance global standards necessary – konon – “to attract foreign investments”.

Therefore, G25 fears that “Malaysia will get into world news again as a country that has its own standards of human rights and justice as dictated by the Islamic authorities, and not based on universal values of individual freedoms and human dignity”.

BELOW: In addition to the ‘cross’ tiara that she is wearing, Madonna’s dress is styled to show the shape of a ‘cross’ in her peekaboo front bodice

How much ‘universal values of individual freedoms’ do we want?

Both Madonna and Lady Gaga are overt in displaying their Christian faith.

The photos below are from Madonna’s Instagram feed.

One shows the singer posing in front of artwork appearing to depict a stylized Crown of Thorns portraiture. A cross can also be seen standing beside the painting.

The second photo below is Madonna’s gloved hand holding a cross. For more details, refer ‘Madonna, 63, puts on a VERY racy display’ — a Sept 10 article in the Daily Mail.

Are the Muslim authorities really “paranoid” or just being prudent about the possibility of Nur Sajat becoming a social influencer?

After all, the woke people are very pushy.


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4 thoughts on “Nur Sajat and the multikulti slippery slope

  1. For those who missed the bus about Sajat:

    >Be Sajat
    >produced bengkung for sale
    >hired a stockist, stockist paid more than RM 100k for bengkung stock
    >Sajat took the money but failed to supply the bengkung
    >Stockist took legal action to demand Sajat to refund
    >Sajat made a police report + counter-sued the stockist
    >Accused the stockist was his ex-employee nd had laundered money from his company
    >Civil court scrapped Sajat’s accusation as baseless defamation
    >Sajat lost the court case, ordered to pay stockist but failed to do so
    >Total money required to pay: RM 100k + RM70k proceeding costs
    >Sajat hid himself while not paying the money he scammed
    >Letters are sent but Sajat cannot be found.
    >Bankruptcy notice filed against him
    >JAKIM joined the team in search for Sajat

    Libtards: “DuRr SaJat iZ hUnTed fOr eXiStiNg!!1! PrAy f0R SaJAt.”

    These are all reported on local media. Libtards are playing the narrative. If you fall for it; you are part of the problem that enables scammers to thrive and escape punishment. A criminal isn’t a victim just because he is in the ABCDE+ community.
    The “go to Makkah and enter women space” thing and the “murtad” thing were ploys after losing court case. Provoking Malaysians at the right time and playing victim then use them as leverage to escape his debts.

    Conclusion: Sajat is a manipulative scammer but libtards ignore the whole story, insisting that he was hunted for just existing.

    TL;DR version:

    >Sajat sells bengkung
    >Took stockist money
    >Failed to supply stock
    >Stockist does LOD
    >Sajat ignored
    >Stockist sued Sajat
    >Sajat sues back
    >Court scrapped Sajat’s sue
    >Sajat lost court case
    >Sajat activated Chinese_Opera.exe
    >still refused to pay stockist
    >Play victim, declares as ex-Muslim
    >Sajat was filed as bankrupt
    >Jakim has joined the chat
    >Sajat escaped to Thailand
    >Make excuse (claimed to be threatened) to seek refuge at Australia

  2. percayalah Kak Helen.. sekor pun G25 takkan berani berdebat dengan FIrdaus Wong.. remember kes Firdaus Wong dngn Siti Kassim?? bukan sbb Firdaus Wong tu berilmu tinggal dalam agama Islam… tetapi… sbb Firdaus Wong itu CINA… Melayu2 bangsatwan ni takkan berani dengan Cina??? kenapa?? Cina2 lah yang bagi makan isi dalam mangkuk makanan anjing mereka ini… inilah penyakit kaum Melayu saya..berpunca dari bangsatwan2 ini… ini benda lama… dulu lagi… … kami org Melayu tak pernah salahkan bangsa Cina dan India akan kenapa sosioekonomi kami masih tumbuh dengan perlahan.. kami akan sebut Cina dan India bila mereka usik hak orang Melayu dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan… tetapi masalah yang membunuh kepesatan sosioekonomi org Melayu untuk maju bersama2 dengan bangsa lain adalah bangsatwan2 seperti G25 ni…. bnyk lagi nak ulas… tapi bagi ni dulu la… lihat… mereka sibuk membela pondan daripada gelandangan… can u see how ridiculous these assholes sister??? harap maklum…

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